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The Nanking Store

Literature 1 (Report)

Jason Amisola

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of The Nanking Store

Moral Short Story Genre Additional Info About the Story *Macario D. Tiu uses the first person point of view. He uses effective and lively dialogs to portray every character. Setting The residence at Bajada “We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.” The Nanking Store by Macario D. Tiu Author's Background Macario D. Tiu is a famous English and Visayan story writer primarily fiction in verse. He is also a professor at Ateneo de Davao University. His famous works were BALYAN, NANKING STORE and ANG BATA NA DILI MATULOG. He also received several awards like the well-known Palanca awards. Characters Plot Theme John Carlo "Soarey-Cow" Sarco Elaine "E-line" Fortuna Jason "Oh-my-sow-la" Amisola The Reporter's/
Researchers/Members Linda
-called as Achi by Tua Poya; the wife of Peter who was persecuted by her mother-in-law Peter
-called as Ahiya by Tua Poya; the husband of Linda who thought that they cannot produce a baby that’s why he had an affair with a Bisayan bar girl which resulted with two sons; Tua Poya
- means “Fatso”; the Narrator
- a robust and fat kid Father, Mother & First Brother of Tua Poya Mother-in-law of Linda
- the one who persecuted Linda; Minor character (Round) *Nanking Store is between The New China Stores and China North End Store in the Dean’s Road located at Maradana Toothless man & the people at the barbershop & in the community Oliver
- the one who persecuted Linda; Minor character (Round) The Nanking Store & The New Canton Barbershop at Santa Ana Mandug (Diversion Road & Subdivision) “Life can get hard..and things can go wrong...just gotta stand up and stay strong!” Wedding of Linda and Peter Problem in having a child Linda stayed in Sta. Ana for good Peter was teased in having a baby Everyone blamed Linda and they accused her of being impotent Linda was nagged by her in-laws Peter had an affair with a Bisayan bar girl Peter had a son Peter had his second son Peter died in an accident Linda's in-laws blamed her everything about the scandal Linda & her in-laws' misunderstanding reached the supreme court Peter's parents flew to Manila together with his two bastard sons Linda got pregnant with Oliver Linda bid goodbye to the people in Sta. Ana Linda went to Iligan to fetch Oliver then will proceed to Cebu The Nanking Store remained close Family Culture Betrayal Ambition
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