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Madagascar 2

No description

Chloe' McGlown

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Madagascar 2

Food Web
Madagascar 2
Ecology Video Project

By: Chloe' McGlown
October 24, 2013

Madagascar 2 Food Chain
The producers in Madagascar 2 is the many plants and flowers that are shown throughout the movie.
The Primary Consumer in Madagascar 2 is Marty the zebra because he only eats plants such as grass.
Primary Consumers
The secondary consumer in Madagascar 2 is Alex the lion because he is a carnivore and in real life he would eat the zebra.
Secondary Consumer
The Tertiary Consumer in Madagascar 2 would be the humans who hunts the lions.
Tertiary Consumer
Marty the zebra is a herbivore and eats grass.
Gloria the hippo is a herbivore and eats grass.
Alex the lion is a carnivore and eats things such as hippos, zebras, and baby giraffes.
Grass (Producer)
Melman the giraffe is a herbivore and eats things such as leaves from a tree or grass
Abiotic Factors/ Biotic Factors
Abiotic factors are non living things like climate and rocks. Examples of Abiotic factors in Madagascar 2 is the water sources, the sun, the rocks, and the fires.
Biotic Factors are living things, organisms.
Examples of biotic factors would be all of the living animals throughout the movie.
Mason the monkey in madagascar 2 can be either a herbivore or an omnivore because even though they eat mostly plants and seed, monkeys have been known to eat small birds.
King Julien, the lemur, in Madagascar 2 is known to be a herbivore.
King Julien
Population, Species, Community, & Individual
An example of a population in Madagascar 2 would be the pack of lion that is Alex's family. A population is a group of individuals of the same species.
An example of a community in Madagascar 2 would be the variety of animals living together in Africa. A community is different populations living together.
An example of individual in Madagascar 2 is the giraffe, Melman. Individual is one single organism.
An example of a species would be a plain zebra, the most common and the mountain zebra. Species is a group similar to one another that they can breed and produce fertile offsprings.
The biome in this movie would be a savanna . The rainfall in a savanna is approximately 500-1000 mm. The soil is shallow and drains quickly and it has trees and tall grasses. The temperature in the savanna is around 25-35 C.
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