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Barack Obama - Roles as President

No description

Steven Shouse

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Barack Obama - Roles as President

Steven Shouse Roles of Presidency Roles as President Chief Executive

President Obama looks over all Federal Agencies,
appointing their directors and to help find and achieve their goals while he is in office. He also appoints supreme court justices and other Federal judges. Head of state

President Obama represents the United States
at events such as meeting leaders of other nations, Speaking and giving awards to people who are recognized. Foreign Policy Leader
President Obama Looks over all treaties with other nations, and set policies to countries that we have a relationship with. Commander in Chief

President Obama is the Head person of the United States military and is stated in the constitution. He may send troops for no more than 60 days without congresses approval to declare war. Legislative Leader

Even though Congress is responsible for passing laws Obama may approve or veto them, but if congress pushes hard enough, they may override the veto (2/3 majority vote in both houses). Economic Leader

President Obama plans out how to make our federal government's budget is as successful as needed. He may also try to create as many new jobs or ask congress to help him by raising or lowering taxes as much as needed. Political Party leader

Since Obama is head of his political party, he can help other member of his party run for office and raise money for campaigns. He can also appoint the people who he trusts the most to important positions in office. Chief Citizen

President Obama also has a role to represent the people and look out for their interest. He always keeps in mind of people biggest issues as well. Cheif Executive-
In this picture President Obama is pardoning and granting clemency to 17 convicted criminals for showing commitment to be law-abiding citizens. Head of State-
Barack Obama gets ready to greet Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at South Portico Foreign Policy leader-

President Obama discusses a new way of promoting democratic reform, help for and economic development, and help promote peace and security across the Middle East and North Africa Commander in Chief-
Barack Obama leads a special seal team known as "Seal Team Six" to go in and suppress Osama Bin Laden.
Legislative Leader-

Obama signs off on his healthcare reform bill after he pushed it through congress, this also brought him a great victory of his presidency. Economic Leader-

Barack Obama discussed his big economic plan during his "State of the Union Address" in early 2013, that he wanted to boost the economy while lowering taxes, cut tax breaks, tax credit to companies that create jobs. Political Party leader-

Obama said he didnt intend on choosing a new secretary of state, and this will be his first time this term to build his national security team. Chief Citizen-

The First family host an annual Easter Egg hunt to families of America, they also kept in mind to also help educate families on better diet and exercise tips. Citing-
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