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The Sun's Solar Flares & Prominences: Enemies Of Power

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Lord Drakostar GUSPian

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of The Sun's Solar Flares & Prominences: Enemies Of Power

The Sun's Solar Flares & Prominences: Enemies Of Power
The Flare
Magnetic fields can make gigantic explosions that can send huge amounts of light, heat, and other types of radiation going out to space. These explosions are named Solar Flares. They can disrupt radio communications.
The Prominence
Sometimes,an arch will form high above the Sun,taking gas away 1,000s of miles out of the Sun,these are named Prominences.
A Prominence is like a hot arch.
Electrical Dilemma
Solar Flares knock out radio waves,Prominences & CMEs knock out the power,& that's just enough!So,that's an electrical dilemma!
Glossary of Terms A
The layor in the Sun's atmosphere between the photosphere & the corona. It consists of a layor of gases a few 1,000 miles thick.
Convictive Zone-
The region of the Sun that carrries heated gases from the Sun's radiative zone out to the surface to releasethe heat &light into space.The cooled gases then sink back into the radiative zone,& the cycle continues.
The Last Hope
We have now found a solution to our problem. It is possible, ethical, of course related to the problem and stakeholders to the event. Now we can prepare for the Solar Flares, Prominences, and the CMEs. We can create the Faraday Cage.
Glossary of terms...continued A
Corona-The outmost layor of the Sun's atmosphere that extends millions of miles into space.|
Glossary of Terms...continued III A
Coronal Hole-
Faraday Cage-a grounded metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences.
The outmost layor of the Sun's atmosphere that extends millions of miles into space.
An uncharged particle, very similar to the proton, which accounts for roughly half the particles in the nucleus of most atoms.
Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are massive bursts of gas and magnetic fields arising from the corona. CMEs can disrupt the power grid, luckily, CMEs take 1-3 days to reach Earth so we have plenty of time to prepare for them, and we know when they are coming.
Sun Facts
10 Amazing Facts About The Sun
10 More Amazing Facts About The Sun
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