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The History Of The Cell Phone!!!!

By Sai Nune! and Averie Calvert!!!!

Sai Nune

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The History Of The Cell Phone!!!!

The Beginning of the Cell Phone The original inventor of the cell phone was Martin Cooper. It was invented in 1973. This mobile communication device was originally a call-only cell phone that was first only used by the government and also as police radios.
The cell phone was first sold to the public
in 1983.
Despise its cost in the 3,000s and its heavy
of 2 pounds many of of them were sold.
After that many different and more
advanced cell phones were invented and
sold leading to the popularity of the cell
phone we have today. By Sai Nune and Averie Calvert The History of the Cell Phone Innovations of the Cell Phone Affects the Cell Phone has on Society There are all different kinds of cell phones. They vary by:
Flip phone
Touch screen
Smart phone
Call only phones
etc. Types of Cell Phones Most people use there cell phones for almost everything. There are good and bad things about having a cell phone. The good things are:
If you are in trouble you can call for help.
You can communicate with friends and family. The bad things about having a cell phone are:
Bullying by teenagers or older kids onto younger children.
Kids can call random strangers they don't know.
It can affect your health in a bad way.
Can cause accidents if you text or talk on the phone when your driving. Brick Phone!! Since 1973 the cell phone has had many innovations. They include the ability to text, built-in cameras, touch screens, etc. A special type of phone that's an innovation of the cell phone is the smartphone. You can surf the Internet, download apps, and much more along with the above. 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Science Math Technology Engineering The materials used to make
the cell Getting the cell phone to work. Putting the cell phone together. Makings of the Cell Phone Calculating the
parts of the cell
phone so they are the
right size so that
the fit together
properly. phone.
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