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The Interlopers Prezi

By: Genesy, Poh Yee, Sherlin, & Maarij

Poh Yee Tan

on 22 November 2015

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Transcript of The Interlopers Prezi

By: Poh Yee Tan, Sherlin Benjamin, Genesy Aickareth, Maarij Khan

Period 2
Ms. Bellon
The Interlopers By Saki
Born in Myanmar (Burma) on December 18, 1870
AKA Hector Hugh Monroe (Saki in Farsi meant "cup-bearer")
British army personnel of WWI
Was homosexual
Died on November 13, 1916 (age 45) in France when shot by a German sniper
Thematic Questions
How could fear and anger do to create devastation?

How can anger lead to ultimate friendship?
Ulrich Von Gradwitz: A wealthy landowner who is hating on Georg for crossing his land. Ulrich's grandfather had a famous lawsuit in the past in which he opposed Georg's grandfather for illegal possession of land. This causes a feud between their two families for three generations. During the story, he forgets about the grudge he has with Georg and starts to be friendly by offering him wine.

Georg Znaeym: Comes from a line of small landowners and refused to accept judgement of courts regarding disputed piece of land. Georg refers to Ulrich's land as a "Stolen Forest". He later accepts Ulrichs friendship and live the lives they had left as friends.

Man vs. Self- When Ulrich and Georg are both trapped under the tree, each man thinks to himself and decides to forgive and make peace with the other
Man vs. Fate-The situation is fateful because it's inevitable. There is nothing either of them could've done to save themselves from the perfectly timed falling of a tree in a dark forest.
Man vs. Man- This part is obvious as it states in the story they are bitter and long-time rivals.
Man vs. Environment- The tree, weather and pack of wolves are antagonists for our protagonists and they are all part of our setting's environment.
Ulrich Von Gradwitz is patrolling his woodland borders to keep his neighboring enemy, Georg Znaemy away. The land was kept the subject of a lawsuit between both their grandfathers. Each family illegally claims the land.
Inciting Incident
Ulrich walks off from his watchers and encounters Georg Znaemy in the woods; a sudden fierce wind shakes the tree they are standing under, and it falls, resulting the two being pinned down together.
Rising Action
At first the two quarrel until Ulrich has a change of heart, which causes Georg to change as well. They decide to put aside their differences and become friends. Then, they both scream for help.
Ulrich spots figures coming towards them and they think they are going to be rescued.
Falling Action
When the figures get closer, Ulrich realizes that they are wolves.
Plot Diagram
What does "interloper" mean?
1. A person who meddles in the affairs of another

2. A person who intrudes onto a place or region without a license
The interlopers are eaten by the wolves.
They "resolve" the conflict by allowing one another to share the land equally.
i was thinking....
we can put the circles and boxes of info inside the letters and etc. (like this one) to make it seem cooler and better maybe? what do you think? - Sherlin
Cites & Links
Bill Greenwell. "Lost Lives: Hector Munroe." billgreenwell.com. October 10, 2013.Web.
Conflict Contd.
The Wolves
They are important to the story because it shows the 2 mens fate. It symbolizes death.

The wine flask helps the characters bond. It represents forgiveness.

The tree is important because
it resolves the conflict with
the two men.
It represents friendship.
The Fallen Tree
The Wine Flask
Protagonist- Ulrich and Georg because they go after the same thing, which was land.
Antagonist- Ulrich and Georg because they both block each others path. The Tree was also an antagonist because it's what held them from reaching their goal, literally.






Fear and anger leads to an ultimate devastation.

Holding a grudge is very unhealthy.
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