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saro denpi

on 9 October 2013

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The Ladderized Curriculum for Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education
The Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education prepares teachers in technical - vocational education ( TVET ) and higher education institutions who are equipped not only with strong theoretical understanding of teaching and technology but also with exposure to beauty.

The specific body of knowledge , skills, attitudes, values and experiences include:
general education component
professional studies component
specialization component
instructional technology component

Curricular Model A of the BTTE
Model A is offered for High School graduates who could meet the admission requirements of the College. The characteristics of the model are as follows;

a. The program of the study for the general and professional education subjects is based on CHED Memo 30, s,2004.

b. The technology major subjects are based on the competency standards indicated in TESDA.

c. The interfacing of CHED and TESDA provides students to exit after one, two or three years with specific job opportunities and/or allows them to continue their studies for the four years of BTTE giving full credits to all subjects taken in the previous years.

d. If the student prefers to work after 1 year of study, he could exit the ladderized program with certificate of achievement.

e. Students who opt to finish the four year BTTE degree should meet the criteria for admission to the degree.

Model B of the BTTE

Model B is offered to the graduates of the Two-Year Trace Technicsl Curriculum and the Three Year Diploma of Technology Program in different areas of specialization. The characteristics of the model are as follows:

a. Students will have atleast one year industry experience aside from the industry immersion or OJT.

b. On the Job Training (OJT) or industry experience is a requirement leading to a four year Baccalaureatte degree.

c. Students in this model intend to become prospective teachers in their respective areas of specialization.

ICeXCELS (Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership for South East Asia) is a short course package of SEAMEO INNOTECH foe elementary and secondary school administrators on developing instructional and development leadership.

The course was based on the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads which SEAMEO INNOTECH developed and validated with the Ministries of Education from ten SEAMEO member states.
Delivery of Instruction
Learning Modality
Evaluation System
Instructional and Curricular Excellence in School Leadership and Management-DepEd eXCELS

Each module is made up of the components:

pre- organizers and advanced organizers
module pre-test
module post-test
pre/postself-rating competency checklist
interactive learning methodologies
lesson review tests
practical exercises and feedbackon the tests
a module assignment
glossary of terms
list of references and suggested additional readings and links.
Time Table
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