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A Digital Marketing Audit

emily Hamm

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Presentation

let's take a look at your current digital state Digital has revolutionized everything. It's time to rethink your traditional marketing plans.

Consumer behavior is continually evolving as our economy and technology shift. As consumer attention becomes fragmented in this fast-paced, ever-changing medium, your business faces new challenges and obstacles. In this complex digital landscape, GannettLocal, part of the Digital Marketing Services division, in conjunction with Enquirer Media, help our clients navigate toward their marketing goals where there are no clear path to follow.

GannettLocal is part of The Gannett Media Corporation, the brand you know and trust for your traditional marketing needs. By integrating digital solutions into your marketing mix, you accelerate your business and increase your ROI.

GannettLocal is the expert in all things digital, helping our clients connect to a new breed of consumer.

GannettLocal and Enquirer Media will provide digital marketing solutions to allow CincyAutos.com to reach their goals. We have successfully solved business dilemmas for many clients through creative product packaging and competitive rates. GannettLocal and Enquirer Media will provide a strong team of industry experts who will be a part of the CincyAutos account throughout the entire process. *Based on your on-boarding call and input from our SEO experts, the keywords listed above may vary from what words are used to reach your SEO goals. in search engines go to the top three organic search results. This list is a set of keywords that are relevant to what people would search for while looking for the services _________offer. The rank column shows where your website is showing up when people search for those terms. Our SEO experts will be able to move you up in rankings so potential customers will be able to find you. Your Current State: Where do you rank? 70% of clicks Factors that Affect Rank Your Current State: At a Glance We can improve your ranking by improving the flow of your landing page and establishing a sense of urgency in the consumer By adding industry related keywords to your homepage we will be able to position Cincyautos higher in rank in the organic search space Articles Online Directories Factors that Help Your Ranking Authoritative Blogs Being listed on these type of sites with quality links to your page will allow for search engines to find your site better and in return you will rank better in results Relevant Websites F
R An SEO Road Map Blog posting on relevant niche/geo blogs
Social signals & sharing
Social SEO
Web 2.0 Properties
Client’s analytics show increase of organic and referral traffic from GL- built content properties
Fine tuning of content on and off-page relevancy
Fresh social signals after content fine-tuning metrics as well as keyword ranking indicators. Keyword & Ranking Analysis
Set up Reporting for analytic and keyword trackers
Content outline for first 30 days
Primary press release for campaign launch
On-page SEO
Begin Web2.0 property creation including claiming of important online properties
Directory Submissions
Article marketing based on client content
Social signals & sharing
Static links from relevant niche sites
Social signals & sharing
Video SEO
Press Release of shoppers used a search engine to learn more
about the cars they were interested in buying.

*Source: economictimes Our SEO Recommendation
A Metro SEO Summary Daily Budget: This is an estimate of what your competitor is spending each day on their PPC Ads.
Avg. Ad Position: This is an estimate of where your competitor’s PCC Ads are showing up in relation to others in the market. Organic Traffic Value: This is an estimate of what it would cost your competitor to get the amount of organic clicks they get a day via paid ads.
Paid/Organic Clicks: This is an estimate of how many paid and organic clicks your competitor gets a day. For every $1 spent on e-commerce revenue generated from paid search,
marketers can expect to see approximately $6 of in-store revenue.

Source: Revtrax 2011 Analysis: In your current market, 71 competitors are using Google paid ads as a means to drive ready to buy consumers to their business. Competitive Analysis
The state of your category and market Over 90% Campaign Strategy Optimization Visibility. Measurability. Confidence. Detailed, transparent analytics allow for continual campaign improvement.
Instant access enables you to see results in near-real time! All estimations are hypothetical based on category assumptions. We understand that each business is unique and we do not set-up any two campaigns alike,
which is why these numbers may change post-campaign launch. We focus all pay-per-click campaigns back to conversions, and tracking successes based on new business. Estimated Quarterly Clicks: 7,098-9,603 Quarterly Search Engine Budget: See proposal Recommended Dominant Quarterly Spend: See proposal Our PPC Recommendation (and expectations) The total spend is inclusive of a 15% management fee that provides: a landing page, call tracking, form tracking, personalized management, account management and copy writing Your Customized Solution What We’ll Need
from You:

Logins to any applicable dashboards or platforms
All relevant photos and content (videos, written content, email lists, etc)
Any past or current reporting
Any promotional schedules or other calendars
FTP access (for SEO only) 7. Post-campaign Optimization
Your dedicated team will provide you with ongoing reporting and consultations for continual campaign optimization. 2. The agreement
Your Market Representative will present you with an agreement to review and sign. 6. Campaign launch! 5. Pre-launch
Prior to campaign launch, we will send you all deliverables for final approval. 4. The onboarding call
During the onboarding call, a GannettLocal Account Manager will review all aspects, goals, directions and next steps for your campaign. 3. Preparation
Once your Market Representative has received your signed agreement and processed the onboarding form, an onboarding call will be scheduled. 1. Finalize your package
Your Market Representative will work with you to customize a solution package that is unique to your needs. Ready to go? Here’s what to expect next: Analysis: The search volume of ready to buy consumers looking for your type of business supports the notion that you can acquire new leads through paid ads on Google. Keyword: Used Cars Cincinnati
Avg. CPC: $3.80
Monthly Search Volume: 9,900 Keyword: Car Dealers Cincinnati
Avg. CPC: $4.76
Monthly Search Volume: 4,400 Keyword: Cars Cincinnati
Avg. CPC: $3.45
Monthly Search Volume: 40,500 Category Keyword Analysis Lead Summary Stats at your fingertips Detailed graphs allow you to track your success GOALS Cincy Autos Cincy Autos Dashboard Reporting SEO Specialists Community Managers 0 PPC Specialists Account Management


Billing Coordinators

Marketing Coordinators Graphic Artists
Web Developers 0 Jump Start Specialists Our in-house team of digital experts provide worry-free, fully-managed, customized campaigns that are optimized for stellar results. YOUR TEAM – Partners for Success 8
•       Other companies depend on technology to carry out tasks. Leading to increase time efficiency but also over automation. Content/PPC have identical KeyWord sets when a client’s business may be more unique while all bidding/budgeting is computer controlled.

•       We take a very human-centric approach to our PPC builds. Clients receive a full team behind their campaign.
Dedicated Account Manager, Project Manager (ensure proper execution), Copy Team (all copy is individually tailored to you), Creative Team (every landing page/website we do is unique).

We have a proprietary technology but many parts are human labor adding an additional layer of intimacy in our campaign builds that our competitors can’t touch. Gannett vs. the competition 9 Dedicated landing page that has custom copy & design catered to your business

•         Metric focused PPC Team

•         Proprietary technology tracking calls & form fill performance at the Keyword level

•         Client facing dashboard What you get 7
•       We can pause KeyWord’s that are not generating calls or expensive calls and focus on providing
cost effective leads

•       Direct access dashboard allows you to review your campaign and chart it’s progress

•       Automated budget rollover daily pacing
•       Automated pausing of low performing KW’s (KW’s with high impression counts but low clicks/CTR)

•       Google Adwords/Microsoft adCenter, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Retargeting, Contextual & Demographic Display Banner Ad Placement, & YouTube ads
•      Bidding adjustments based on ad position to secure the top 3 slots

•       Options to increase bidding/budgets for certain days (such as the weekend) or hours of the day.

•       Mobile specific campaigns with unique KW sets, bidding, copy & click to call ad extensions
•       Mobile friendly landing page/websites What we bring to the table: Phone call tracking down to the keyword level Proof of Performance Algorithms Ad buys across a large range of network/platforms Dayparting Options Mobile Options What They Do: What We Do:
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