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Saint Sarah!

No description

Hannah Petty

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Saint Sarah!

Sarah had her first baby when she was 90 and Abraham was 100, Sarah named the baby Issac for that means "he laughs" in Hebrew.
Why I chose Saint Sarah
Sarai and Abram lived in Canaan. When Sarai was in her late eighties, her and Abram still had no children. Sarai was selfless enough to let her husband sleep with her slave Hagar, so that he could have a son, but Hagar wanted the child so after giving birth Hagar ran away. God spoke to Hagar and told her to return to Canan and to name her son Ishmael, which means “God will hear.”When Hagar returned to Abram and Sarai, they treated him as if he was theirs. Several years later, the Lord visited Abram as a human, and told him, “When I come back this time next year, Sarah will already have a son.”Sarah laughed at this, and the Lord asked her if she doubted him, saying that nothing is too difficult for the Lord to make happen.One year later, as the Lord promised, Sarah had a son, whom Abraham named Isaac. After she gave birth to him, she said, "God has made me laugh. Now everyone will laugh with me.Who would have dared to tell Abraham that someday he would have a child?" About 30 years after Isaac’s birth,Sarah died at the age of 127 years old. Abraham buried her in Machpelah Cave.
Patron Saint of: Laughter
Saint Day: August 19th
She was the wife of Abraham
Born during the old testament, died at the age of 127 of natural causes.
Saint Sarah!
To become a saint the church looks closely at the personal life of the person. All the good work that has been done by that person who is wanting to become a saint. They also look at how close to God they are and that they have worked and lived their life according to God’s rules.
I hope you enjoyed this prezi, and that you now know lots more about Saint Sarah. She was an inspiration to me and maybe she will be to you as well :)
I chose Saint Sarah because she is the patron saint of laughter, and I think laughter is a big component in my life all of my friend's say that I can always make them laugh no matter what mood they are in.

So I think me and Saint Sarah have that in common, and I always love to laugh as well.
To Become A Saint??
Sarai and Abram's Story
Saint Sarah is also the Patron Saint
of Daughters and Gypsies.
Saint Sarah was venerated because she was the first female to convert catholicism.
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