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ICT in the Classroom

A group presentation for assignment 1 of ICT

Brennan O'Brien

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of ICT in the Classroom

Overhead Projector LCD Projector
Reel Projector Overhead Projector LCD Projector Desktop Computers Desktop Computers Laptop Computer Smart Board Moodle YouTube Moodle TV/DVD What was available What was used Image Courtesy of: http://k12opentech.org/implementation-study-3-moodle Images Courtesy of :http://www.smartboard.ie/product-smartboard-whiteboards.php
http://www.infobarrel.com/Media/happy_student Image Courtesy of: http://www.lakshaycollege.com/lims/courses.html Great tool for students and parents who want to get involved http://www.123rf.com/photo_4512237_closeup-portrait-of-a-senior-person-standing-with-family-in-background.html Great Way to save on this! paper free = environmentally friendly Computer Labs:
a great tool if used properly... draw a picture look at a web site work with others visual help others make graphs Image Courtesy of: http://www.bridgat.com/original_brand_new_desktop_and_computers_monitor-o24522.html Image Courtesy of: http://www.technologynewsreport.com/graduation-time-isd-isvi-speakers-have-ties-to-schools/ Learning with ICT as long as students
use that information
in their own words by PARAPHRASING. They can then use this information to ANALYSE and UNDERSTAND major concepts ... and CREATE their own internet resource! Image Courtesy of - http://bgnentrepreneur.net/quality-control-in-the-worldwide-web/ The Internet The internet can be a
great tool for students
to FIND information on a subject ... Thanks for watching! By: Kyle Bailey, Brennan O'Brien and Kait Yarrow Internet
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