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History of Rafts and Boats

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Brian Phan

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of History of Rafts and Boats

From The Beginning Of Boats
By: Young Park & Brian Phan
The great ships that we have today weren't around back then. All they had were rafts at the beginning lets see how it developed
The first water transportation was very simple. A bunch of pieces of wood stuck together to get places.
Some people even put their homes on their rafts
Rafts soon developed into boats and such because they allow to get places faster with their slim design
Paddles were also developed at the time for the purpose of moving the boats.
The first raft ever built was in 4000 BC
The first sail boats were made in 2500 BC
Boats that used sails were later developed
1550 BC,
the Greeks invented the first man-powered sailing vessel
In 1450, the world introduced Three and Four masted sailing ships
These types of ships were used for many things
In the 1800's, they later developed Clipper Ships
In 1819, the very first steamships were invented
26 Years later, in 1845, they first introduced Ocean-Going Liners Made Of Iron was made. It was also the first propeller for a ship
The steam driven river boats were invented in 1880's
They had rear paddles and other wheels on either side
They were nicknamed stern wheelers
In 1910, they developed a way to make it so coal burning ships were converted to diesel power. They did this to replace the steam with oil
1955 was the year when the Hovercraft was invented. They had air cushions on the bottom for high movement speeds
4 Years Later...
The first nuclear powered cargo ships sailed the seas. They can sail for 3 1/2 years without refueling
1980's were when Hydrofoil were made. There's wings on the bottom so the ship skis across the water
Vacation came in 1990's when Cruise Liners were manufactured
The Navy even went as far improving their past technology, creating nuclear powered aircraft carriers, submarines, and many more. They had discover many ways to make this, calculate the size, designed it. These ships cause too much polution

Pictures By Google
Thanks for watching
Sponsored by Alan's Ramen Co. & Vanilla Bear Co.
The Titanic at the time was the biggest coal burning ship till it sank
If we could change it, we would be it so it would cause less pollution
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