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Persian Creation Myth (Zoroastianiam)

Classical Literature Project 1

Hannah Ness

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Persian Creation Myth (Zoroastianiam)

Zoroastrianism Persian Creation Myth Who are the Zoroastrianists? Creation Myth Contunued... First creation he made was shaping the sky which was made of "metal". Creation Myth Continued... Ahriman became mad at Ahura and declared war against his creations. Creation Myth Continued... Zoroastianists believe that the only god in the beginning of time was Ahura Mazda. (Wise Lord) So what's the Story? So What Does This Say About The Followers? Creation Myth Continued... Zoroastruanism is the ancient pre-Islamic religion. It originated in Persia but most followers today live in India and some still live in Iran. Followers who now live in India are called Parsis, or Parsees. Founded by Zoroaster, an Iranian prophet, In 6th Century BC. Now a days the nuber of known followers range from 150- 200,000 Zoroastrianism Sign He lived in Endless Light. (Before the world was made.) At this time there was also an Evil Spirit, Ahriman, who lived in the Absolute Darkness. Between these realms there was nothing until one day Ahura decided to make other creations. Symbolizes the struggle between Endless Light and Absolute Darkness. Second was water. Third he made the Earth with no mountains or valleys. Fourth he made plants without any thorns or stickers. Fifth he created big and small animals. Sixth he created a man, handsome and smart, who was named, Gayomard. Last of all he created fire to mix with all the other creations. He ordered the fire to serve mankind in cooking and keeping warm. After Ahura finished his creations the Evil Spirit saw them. The Wise Lord (Ahura) then comanded the Evil Spirit to praise all of his creations so the Evil Spirit could become immortal. The Evil Spirit thinking he was more powerful than Ahura's creations vowed to destroy them with the help of his own creations, demons, witches and monsters. Zoroastrian Fire Ritual Zoroastrian Demon The all knowing Ahura decided to create six Spirits in his own essence to compete with Ahriman. (the Evil Spirit) These Spirits are also know as the Holy Immortals. The first Holy Spirit was Khashathra, the Righteous Power, guardian of the sky. . Next was Haurvatat, the Peace and Perfection, she was the protector of the water. Third was Spenta Armaiti, the Holy Devotion, she was the Earth guardian. Then the Holy Spirit , Ameretat, the Immortality, the protector of the plants Fifth, Vohu Manah, the Good Mind, was created to protect the animals. Next was the Holy Spirit, Asha Vahishta, the Justice, who was the guardian of the Fire. Lastly, the Wise Lord made his own Holy Spirit, who was protector of mankind. First Ahriman and his demons attacked the water and made it bitter. Next he tried to destroy the earth but could only make mountains and valleys. Then he and his demons tried to kill all the plants but only put thorns on them. Last of all they attacked Gayomard and brought him sickness and eventually death. But Gayomard's bones grew into a rhubarb tree. 40 years later a man and a woman,Mashya and Mashyana, grew out of the plant. From them 15 sets of twins were born and branched out to make every race, all vowing to follow the Wise Lord. Ahriman, thinking he had defeated the man, celebrated. Fire, to them, was just as important as water and was treated as if it was a servant to humans. Also rhubarb was the basis of all life to them sense one of their biggest crops was rhubarb. Man was deemed superior to woman sense all human life started from Gayomard. Mankind, to them, was looked at as a type of mass army against the Evil Spirit. Last of all the main theme of good and evil in the Zoroastrianism creation myth shows that the Persian empire looked at wars with others as a good thing. Top Five:
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