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Public Ignorance & Conformity

AP English IV Project

Jena Keesee

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Public Ignorance & Conformity

Examples from Modern Society
1. Ignorance is strength

2. Proles uninvolved

3. Proles' nursery rhyme

Countries are able to gain power through the ignorance of the populace
Global Level
- Root causes
- Toxicity of ignorance
- Relative facility
- Current examples:
North Korea

Jena Keesee, Chloe DeRosa, Matt Baker, Elena Price, & Max Vieweg
Root Causes in Society
Multifaceted Approach
1. Minimization of the digital footprint

2. Education about encryption, hacking, etc.

3. Legislation to secure personal freedoms

Inability to care because of lack of knowledge

He cannot learn beyond what he is told
So he watches the images
To learn all that he can
As he sits comfortably in his recliner

With a beer in his hand
He drinks to drown out the silence
The silence of the world
Under siege and fire

The world crumbles around him
He hates the fight
Accepting this is his way of life
He sits quietly, watching the world suffer

He listens to his family
His daughters’ laughter
As they sing unknowingly
Of death and of darkness

“Ring around the rosy
A pocketful of posies
Ashes, Ashes
We all fall down!”

Their laughter rings innocently through the halls
It makes him smile
He is content with his life
It is what makes him strong

Glancing down at his phone
He opens social media
He types: “The world has gone to hell.
All I can do is sit here with a beer in my hand.”

He expresses his passion
But he doesn’t see the truth
Behind the images on the screen
The violence simply cannot be real

He is safe in his house
With his daughters
As they play together
Under the glass roof

Knowing he is in an evil place
He can do nothing
Thus, he doesn’t care
Because he is one man
One man cannot change the world


Pros Cons

Glass Roof
By: Chloe DeRosa
National security
Bulk surveillance can help prevent terrorism
If people are missing, they can be located by their cellphone ping (ex. Tanya Rider)
People may appreciate personalized advertising
Takes away from possible culture movements
Unknowingly hinder free thoughts
Bulk surveillance is most of the time ineffective
People are being exploited
Identity Fraud
Botnets for larger crime
Passionate about issue but not enough to actively seek change

Not in a position that can change things

(Page 7, paragraph 4).
"If there was hope, it
lie in the proles"
(Page 60, paragraph 4).
"Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St. Clement's, You owe me three farthings, say the bells of St. Martin's!"
(Page 84, paragraph 4).
Original Rap
By: Max Vieweg

There’s a problem with the world
When I feel I need a hiding place
When I’m always watched
These invaders don’t come from space

They say it’s for my safety
But I can’t excuse their conduct
They’ve got their eyes all over me
Like I’m an Apple product

Keep your mouth shut
Just be another scavenger
Don’t be a referee
They’re not afraid to kill the messenger

Free speech isn’t free
Gotta be like all the others
Or you’re leading to a meeting
With the biggest of brothers

Baby you were born this way?
Gaga, better change. Gotta be normal.
Eternally formal, you’re only mortal
So be the same.
So I figure I’d bide my time
To show who I am inside
But it’s implied I’d suffer the snide
Comments of the jury of the average if I tried
So I strangle my feelings, put ‘em to bed
When I could’ve just lived my life instead
I’m another one of the walking dead
Took my passion out back, put a bullet through its head

Because that’s what they want
Machines who can’t think for themselves
Like Santa’s elves, another posable doll
To put up on their shelf

So, hear no, speak no, priva-see no evil
No revolution, no revolt, no fear of upheaval
Since they’re taking our data, yeah they extract that
Looking at our phones like “Dude, I’d tap that.”

You’re always under their thumb
When you’re surrounded by this tech
“Yo dude, you wearing a wire?”
Yeah it’s in a noose, around my neck

But if you converse, you gotta be terse
Remaining choices are adverse or worse
They’ll lock you up for treason first
Murder you harder than I killed this verse

Omnipotent, vigilant, threat of imprisonment
Intricate predicaments
Benevolent participants are dissident
An insolent incident leaves them intimate with a cell

‘cause, Snowden’s still snowed in in Russia
Painting it yellow with the stuff that he leaks
Officials making excuses
Bologna sandwiches out their cheeks

My prayer’s for progress, privacy’s presented
In the pretense of a privilege, no, it’s a right
But the prevalence of projects perpetrating our predicament
Is almost enough to make me give up the fight

So, please spy responsibly, view the hypocrisy
Of a democracy of the deaf and blind
Pure autonomy, death of ideology
Visions of society left behind

NSA-hole in the wall, there’s a camera
In the hole at the bottom of the CIA
Constitution’s moot. Or is it meat?
Being butchered, but of course, that’s child’s play
‘cause a kid’s got a knife, stab you in the face
Easy to turn a blind eye when your eye’s blind
But you’ll find the binds don’t go away
Get worse every single day, every single play
You getting sacked, attacked by the Patriots Act, better feel ashamed
You share the blame, it can’t be tamed,
Like Miley became, lost control, a pot-hole
On the road to fame, but now the patrol’s
Finished rigging the game. Blow the whistle?
You’ll end in a grave.
Technology- Mass Surveillance & Propaganda
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