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Beneath the Underdog

The Funny Negro Presentation

Brittani Kindle

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Beneath the Underdog

Beneath the Underdog: His World as Comosed by Mingus
Brittani Kindle
April 27, 2009 Track 2: This Ain't Your Typical Jazz Music Track 3: The problem with Avant-Garde & Jazz Clubs Track 4: /See for Yourself
Track 5: Important Passages from the book Track 6: Your Turn...Questions/Comments Track 1:Avant-Garde or NOT? Mingus is not not usually associated with the
Avant-Garde movement due to the way he "blended his
innovations with traditional techniques and repertoire..."
(34). This put him in the same musical genre as his mentor
Duke Ellington, difficult to categorize. (34). However, the
Jazz music of this time period expressed deep politcal
messages-Mingus was no exception. "The ability to incorporate such disparate
styles into a recognizable voice allowed him
to introduce new music forms and new approaches
to jazz improvisation and composition" (35).

Time to reevaluate:
Relationship between the composer & improviser
Relationship between the writer and the performing ensemble

Result: Mingus' autobiography was just as untraditional
as his music. The quick shifts in narrative voice and
from reality to fiction were no different from his
musical compositions, which took major turns in rhythm
and tempo at any given moment. Many Avant-Garde were only beginner's trying to learn jazz
while claiming to make it better. The problems with the Jazz club as expressed in Beneath the Underdog by Fats:
"Aw, they own us, Mingus. If they don't own us, they push us off the scene. Jazz is big business to the white many and you can't move without him. We just work-ants. He owns the joints that sell jazz to the public" (Mingus 188).

*Sounds of the cash register
*Nighclub chatter
*Lack of attention from musicians & audience members Video Parenthood:112
Women/Relationships: 353
Mental Institutions: 352
Jive: 103
Title of the Book: 298 "Yeah Mama, I got a very good memory, I'm an old man's son. I remember getting beat
for wetting the bed and getting whipped when it rained and my feet got soaked. You
didn't care. You say Daddy's cruel? You're the cruelest person I've ever met because
your heart is full of hate!" (112). "You'd sound like the greatest con artist on earth."
"Line, Jive."
"Maybe lovers have to be con artists on this poor earth, to convince each other
that such a wonderful thing can exists..." (103). "So he goes back to the bandstand angry, calls the first number
-'Hellview of Bellevue!"-and stomps off at a furiously fast tempo...
It's an insane set." "I wouldn't be involved with music or women
at all, other than what they could do for me. My main
motive for living would be getting money to buy my way out of a
decaying society that's destroying itself while it tries to figure
out what to do with the new kind of 'black' it produced" (353). I don't think so anymore. I'll have more to say musically,
living with the underdogs-beneath the underdogs-more to write about" (298).
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