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A Passage To India By E.M.Forster

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on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of A Passage To India By E.M.Forster

E.M.Forster A Passage To India BIBILIOGRAPHY OF AUTHOR About the Novel CONCLUSION Edward Morgan Forster was born in London on the first day of 1879.He wrote "A Passage To India" in 1924,the last completed novel that he published during his life time,but two other works remained, the incomplete Arctic Summer, and the unpublished complete novel Maurice, which was written circa 1914, but published in 1971 after Forster's death. MAIN CHARACTERS Dr. Aziz: A Passage To India is a romance novel set against the backdrop of the British Raj and the Indian independence movement in the 1920s.There is a drama film written and directed by David Lean.The movie released on Jan25,1985 by David lean in USA.
A Passage to India was divided by E. M. Forster into three parts. The first part, "Mosque," begins with what is essentially a description of the city of Chandrapore. The physical separation of the city into sections, plus the separation of earth and sky, are indicative of a separation of deeper significance that exists between the Indian and English sectors.The second part,"caves",Aziz is charged with making improper advances to Adela in the caves. Fielding believes that Adela was hallucinating.The third part,"Temple",As Fielding and Aziz say their final good-byes, their horses pull them away from each other and they know they will never see each other again. This novel is interesting to read for me,because the writer introduced the relation between the Indians and British peoples at the time of independence of India ,and also the romance of Dr.Aziz to British woman,Adela.So,the readers never get bore after reading this novel.Firstly,I saw a movie,"A Passage To India 1965"from the novel by E.M.Forster,directed by Santa Rama Rau.Then,I read the book to grasp easily about the conflicts and moral about the novel.Hope,you will enjoy this novel while you reading chapter by chapter carefully! The main character in the novel.A moslem doctor living in Chandrapore at the beginning of the novel.He is generous and loving toward his English friends, including Mrs. Moore and Cyril Fielding, after Adela Quested accuses him of assault he becomes bitter, vindictive and notoriously anti-British. Cyril Fielding: The schoolmaster of Government College, Fielding stands alone among the British officials in India, for he is one of the few to treat the Indians with a sense of decency and respect. Adela Quested:
Adela Quested arrives in India with the intention of marrying Ronny Heaslop, but changes her mind several times and eventually realizes that she does not love him and cannot marry him. She is a woman of conflicting character traits: although an intellectual, she is short-sighted. Mrs. Moore: An elderly woman with three children, Mrs. Moore visits India with Adela Quested to see her son, Ronny Heaslop. Mrs. Moore is the paragon of Christian decency and kindness, but she suffers from anxiety concerning her own mortality. Ronny Heaslop: The son of Mrs. Moore from her first marriage, Ronny typifies the "sun-dried bureaucrat" and Anglo-Indian. He is condescending and cruel toward the Indians, believing that he is not in India to be kind, but rather to rule over the nation. Mahmoud Ali: This friend of Aziz serves as one of the lawyers for his defense, and takes a defiant anti-British stance. Hamidullah: He is a friend of Aziz, educated at Cambridge, tells Aziz that one can only be friends with an English person outside of India. Hamidullah Begum: A wife of Hamidullah, she is a distant aunt of Aziz. Let's watch the short theatrical movie trailer!!! MOSQUE Aziz is a poor doctor who has lived dutifully under British command, but has grown more frustrated with their treatment of him and his fellow Indians. British officials at the civil station in Chandrapore run a club that forbids Indians from attending and try to avoid any intimate friendships or relations with the natives.The mosque is the place where Dr.Aziz meets with Mrs.Moore in the moonlight. They are at first startled by each other, but instantly become friends. Mrs. Moore and Adela are more liberal than Ronny and wish to see the "real India" and befriend Indians. FIRST PART CAVES SECOND PART Aziz feels so at ease, that he invites Mrs.Moore and Adela on an excursion to the caves at Marabar.
Aziz gets to the train station especially early so nothing will go wrong with the excursion. Mrs. Moore and Adela arrive on time, but Fielding and Godbole have not yet arrived. Aziz is nervous because he does not want to be left alone with the women, anticipating that trouble will arise.Adela mde him arrest for misunderstand happened in her that Aziz tried to accuse her.Later on,Aziz's honesty declared and he freed from British's arrest warrant.Aziz finally standup for India's freedom,and stopped worker for British people. THIRD PART TEMPLE Two years later the setting of the novel shifts to the Hindu state of Mau in a section entitled "Temple." Following the trial, Fielding had returned to England, married, and was then sent on a tour of central India to inspect government schools. Godbole has become the Minister of Education at Mau, and through his influence, Aziz has become personal physician to the Rajah of Mau.Atlast,Dr.Aziz again back to friendship with fielding when he knew that he didn't marry with Adela.But, Aziz excitedly declares that India must be united and the English driven out. Sensing that this is the end of their association, Aziz and Fielding attempt to pledge eternal friendship,but understood that their frienship is not yet possible.
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