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Copy of Southwestern Advantage 2013 - Long

long form

Jay Kiew

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Southwestern Advantage 2013 - Long

Southwestern Advantage
Corporate Headquarters in Nashville, TN
Founded in 1855
www.swredline.com Our Mission Statement... Southwestern Advantage's goal is to be the best organization in the world at empowering young people to achieve their goals in life. The internship program gives students the experience of running a business. Students provide families and teachers with industry leading educational resources and supplements. The summer program will interview over 20,000 students from over 400 campuses, to select ~2,500 interns every summer. Advantages for Students Set yourself apart with tangible work
experience. Graduate ahead of the class. Advantages for Students 2. Financial Opportunity First year students profit $8,705 on average. Advantages for Students Become skilled in the art of communication. The science of working with people. Week long training program
in Nashville, TN Host families house students and their roommates for the summer Exchange program with other
schools across the U.S. & Canada Business structure proven over 155 years of in-field experience

Separate school districts, in-home consultations

System of Referrals & Recommendations

Over 128 hours of training and coaching Why our students are
so successful 6 volume school reference for
homework, tests, and quizzes The Southwestern Advantage
Study System Online learning sites provide additional
help with thousands of streaming videos
Over 40 subjects of additional learning resources 26 volume children's library
complimented by DVD software
Interactive software titles for kids
Pre-K through high school graduation Web-based children's program that
teaches with live action videos and songs 3 main challenges Double time part-time
Full-time, free time Overcoming the difference
between rejection and refusal Why we are so selective. Push Comfort Zone Willingness to:
- Work Hard
- Study Hard
- Be coachable
The need for Personal Growth
Education - Conscious What we're looking for... Learning System You are paid 40% profit on your sales! What are you looking to gain
this summer? 1. Build your resume 3. Communication skills Advantages for Students 4. Travel Opportunities Travel the world for work and play. The System

No pressure approach
20-minute rule
Law of Averages Rejection Schedule Learn how to be independent,
away from home
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