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How to make a Prezi

Our group is exploring Prezi. We are going to develop a professional workshop to train others in the use of this technology. We have fully explored this tool in ways to integrate in the classroom.

Isabella Pinedo

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of How to make a Prezi

How to Create a 1.Creating a new Frame At the top ribbon you see Add Frames, themes, Images, Shapes, Media, and PowerPoint.

Clicking Add frames will allow you to add a new Frame.
-The frames come in 4 different styles of your choosing. This is the main Frame where your heading for you presentation goes. From here you can take your presentation in any direction you want. 2. Adding Text to a Frame Once you create a frame you can add text as easily as double clicking the new frame.

After double clicking the frame a text box appears. You can either choose if your text is a Title, Subtitle, or Body.

The text box also allows you to make your text smaller or larger by clicking on A, change the font color, add bullet points, paragraph alignment, and change the indent of a paragraph. The Top Ribbon At the top of the ribbon alongside "add frames", you will see
PowerPoint Themes The themes button allows you to change the colors of the back ground and shapes of your Prezi. Adding a Frame inside another Frame Images Once you have created a Frame you can add another frame inside that frame. This can be useful when you have two frames with the same content area that you would like to add more to.

Adding a frame into a new frame is the same process as making a brand new frame.
Click somewhere in your frame where you would like a frame. On the top ribbon add a frame of your liking.
Make the new frame as small as you like to fit into your frame.
Double Clicking the frame will zoom you in to your new frame. With the images button you can either
search pictures on your computer or search images using a key word or URL powered by Google. The image of the Dominican Star to the right was uploaded through Google. Shapes This is a Frame inside a Frame The zoom effect of Prezi allows even the smallest Frames to be seen.

When a new Frame is made a "Transformation Zebra" appears in the middle of your new frame. With the shapes tool you can use all of the different
options above to enhance your Prezi. Also, you can change the colors of the various shapes as well. This allows you to drag your frame or object, edit text or image, rotate frame or object, and scale frame or object. The same goes for video. You can upload videos from your computer or copy and paste a link from youtube Click the "Explore" tab at the top of the home page to access millions of already made Prezis.

You can view these as educational means on various topics (which you can search)- i.e. business, science, government.

You can also view these as examples/get ideas for your own Prezi. Other Home Page Features PowerPoint By clicking the PowerPoint button on the top
ribbon, you can upload a PowerPoint you already have made and convert it into a Prezi to make it more creative. Edit Path How to edit your path to your prezi While adding new slide to your prezi the prezi automatically adds the frames to the edit path ribbon similar to a power point slide.

Clicking the Edit Path button allows you to move your path in any direction you want. Top Ribbon Support Features If our instructions weren't enough, Prezi provides many support tools.

On Prezis' home page, you will notice three tabs: "Your Prezis," "Learn," and "Explore." Anyone new to Prezi should take advantage of "Learn" and "Explore."

First, click "Learn." Here you will see five videos: "Get Started", "Collaborate & Share", "Import from PowerPoint", and "Go to the Next Level." These cover most challenges you may face while using Prezi.

Anyone new to Prezi should especially take the time to watch "Get Started." Support Features Cont. On the right hand side of the "Learn" page, you will notice five additional tabs

1. Manual: This tab will lead you to a page that covers the following topics: Getting Started, Editing Your Prezi, Presenting & Managing, and Knowledge.

2. New Features: This tab will lead you to an index of dates when Prezi made changes to its website.

3. Support: This tab will lead you to a page that provides multiple sources of support. "Premium Support" allows premium users to email Prezi with questions. "Manual" will link users to the previously discussed manual. "Support Forum" provides free support from fellow Prezi users, as well as staff. "Prezi Experts" connects users to Prezi experts around the world. "FAQ" lists and answers frequently asked questions.

4. Community: This tab will connect you to various social networking sites connected to Prezi.

5. Webinars: Prezi offers free, live webinars to its users. Templates Choosing a Template After making an account with Prezi you go to Your prezis at the top of the screen. The screen should look like this:
Yours should say "You have 0 prezis".
Create your new Prezi by clicking +New Prezi
After you click on New Prezi it will ask you for a Title and Description of your Prezi.
Finally you will start the adventure of creating your new prezi by choosing a template that you would like to work with. Home Page Features: Settings & Account Every Prezi user should familiarize themselves with their Settings & Account page.

On the top right hand side of Prezi's home page, you will see your name (once your account is made).

Click the drop down arrow.

Click Settings& Account. Settings & Account On this page, users can edit basic information pertaining to their account (i.e. name, language preference, email, password).

It is also important to familiarize oneself with this page because of the feature that allows users to change their URL. This makes it easier to link others to your account and share your Prezis.

Another important feature on this page is the ability to upgrade your account. This will allow you to access special features (i.e. more themes, access to directly email for support). If you refer three friends to Prezi via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you receive a three month free premium trial. You can do this directly on your Settings & Account page. Media Welcome to the world of Prezi By: Isabella Pinedo
Katie Walsh
Cody Mueller Getting Started Getting signed up for a prezi is as easy as signing up for a new email account. 1.First you go to Prezi.com. 2. Click on the button. 3. Choose your license:
Pro or:
Student & Teacher license
Multiple Liscenses 4. Add personal information Prezi License What license should you choose? Public:
Presentations are public
Core features
100MB storage space Enjoy:
Private Presentations(choose who you share with)
Use your own logo
Premium Support
500MB storage Space Pro:
Private presentations
Use your own logo
Premium Support
2GB storage space Student & Teacher License Students and teachers receive an Enjoy License for free!
You need to provide an email address that belongs to an educational institute.
-OR- try Pro Edu for $4.92/month
Work OFFLINE securely
Private presentations
Use your own logo
Premium support
2GB storage space Benifits of Prezi Since Prezi is online your work is saved online so you don't have to worry about losing your work or carrying it around on a flashdrive.
It also saves your work every so often while you are working.
If you have a group presentation you can invite others to help you create the prezi by inviting them!
There are many benifits that Prezi comes with not only is it a unique way to present!
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