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A Cultural Portrait: Social Class

No description

Sabrina Conley

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of A Cultural Portrait: Social Class

A Cultural Portrait: Social Class & Race

As a child, I faced much adversity. Vast decisions were often made and I was uprooted often. Life was fast paced into young adulthood.
Cultural Diversity, Gender,
& Family Development
MFT 6103 Week 8 Assignment
Professor Valerie Glass, PHD
This picture denotes my personal social class growing up based on the positioning of the ladder. (Low Class). I infrequently discuss social class and race and how the dimensions of both have shaped my life.
I endored much suffering growing up. Living in a single-parent home, lack of resources, and money.
I relocated often, living with relatives, homelessness, in & out of schools. There was no clarity.
Taking situations as they come.
Death of my mother, foreclosure, loss of my job were all things I considered to be more situations to overcome to get ready for the next. In truth, they were all an end to prepare me for a new beginning.
I attended a predominently white private college. My adversity shaped my behavior & thinking. I felt other students could not relate to or understand me. I often felt alone & isolated myself.

Through all of the adversity, I bent, but I did not break. This tree signifies my resiliency to "the elements."
Self-reflection allowed me to create new meaning and perspective. Social class and race no longer shape my life.
I have a sense of clear headedness. Now, I can use my experiences to help inspire others.
I remained rooted.
I now live with purpose instead of merely existing.
"People adapt to their own expectations. In other words, we often behave based on our perceptions more than the reality of our actual circumstances" (T.D. Jakes, 2015, p. 46).
Dear Deeds | Rooted. (2016, July 18). Retrieved March 13, 2017, from https://youtube/wlfNzbfTAhU
Jakes, T. D. (2015). Instinct: the power to unleash your inborn drive. New York: Faith Words.
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