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Autumn RMs 2012 - LEoE HB presentation

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Steven Konstantinidis

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Autumn RMs 2012 - LEoE HB presentation

educo-4C@best.eu.org Aims to increase technology students’ awareness of educational matters, in order to help students with their self-development. Aims to transmit input on educational matters to European higher education stakeholders by collecting individual opinions from students, the academic world and companies. Therefore BEST Events on Education (EoEs) are BEST events where international students discuss, gather and distribute knowledge on specific themes of concern for engineering students in the field of education. Vienna 2012 Education for Sustainable Development: Fostering the Revolution of Society RIGA 2011 Is your life online?
Then make it work! Impact Status Student's voice on the development of education cause we innnovate having a significant role wHat about bringing the idea to LBGs?! Local Events on Education (LEoEs) are local BEST events where local students discuss, gather and distribute knowledge on specific themes of concern for engineering students in the field of education. What's the practical difference?! EoE LEoE Ownership Partners Organisational Focus Content is managed and initiated
by EduCo and LBG Content is managed and initiated by LBG, support of EduCo can be requested The LBG uses local contacts and possibly EduCo partners Mainly EduCo partners are actively involved in the event External event, following vivaldi and counts in 4/8-seasons rule Local event, can vary a lot in length, size, format and participants profiles On European wide issues and partnerships On issues of the local educational environment. EduCo, recognising the value and importance of such events and willing to motivate LBGs to keep on organising them, decided to create the «4C» Project.

Focused on gathering the knowledge and the experience gained by the LEoEs which were organized in the past, and providing support in the LBGs that want to organise one in the future. Lisbon, 05/2012 Attractiveness of Engineering Education Eka Urfu, 05/2012 International Education Forum Vesna UrFU Bucharest, 03/2012 The importance & impact of extra curricular
activities in students life. Recent LEoEs Coimbra, 03/2012 Mobility of Engineers in EU LEoE
Handbook pa Communication Wiki Educo What's an LEoE Why organise an LEoE How to define the topic of your event How to choose the best format of the event,
in order to integrate it smoothly to your year plan
(1 or 2 days, together with engineering competition etc) Facilitation techiniques Logistics Fundraising tips Grant opportunities for LEoEs
(researched by GWG) PR tips Broadcasting the outcomes How can EduCo help Follow up of your event Content Participants educo-4C@best.eu.org educo@best.eu.org wre
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