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Malleable Intelligence Presentation

No description

michael harbaugh

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Malleable Intelligence Presentation

GRIT and a Growth Mindset

Learn more about out own levels of GRIT

Examine our mindsets around learning

Learn how to best teach our students
Workshop Goals
Based on this article, if someone said "I'm just bad at math," what advice would you give them?

How does interacting with other people affect your brain? What should this mean in our class?

What questions do you still have about malleable intelligence?
Group Discussion
Discuss as a group for 3-4 minutes. Everyone in your group should talk!
Spend 5 minutes taking the quiz

Focus on extracting key ideas and thinking about how they related to you as a student

Note any words or phrases that you do not know.

Focus on finding important concepts and information
Directions for the
Working hard to practice something actually

Engaging in conversation and debate with peers helps your brain learn faster!
Conclusions: Good News!
Bottom Line: It is not possible to be 'bad at math.' It is only possible to use that as an excuse.
Homework (due tomorrow at the start of class):
Complete your response to the article on malleable intelligence. There should be no empty lines on the page!
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