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Ben johnson!!!! i didnt know i was taking stereos

No description

Walker Kerr

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Ben johnson!!!! i didnt know i was taking stereos

Ben Johnson Johnson destroyed the 100m world
record by a whole .04 of a second! He ran a 9.79! Ben johnson was
tested positive for his use
of steroids. As he said
he was not aware
he was using "sterios" It must be hard to miss the
sweet smell of gold Ben johnson was stripped of his gold medal for the use of this drug. Ben took it for
developement of his muscles. Some other side effects
are things such as

-deepining of voice
-increased size of adams apple
-increased amount of body hair
-shoulders become broader
-rib cage expands
and - the remodling of facial bone contours Some people
that go a bit
over board
can look like this LOL ! From this event
multiple professional athletes
have been caught as well In Baseball Big Papi Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds the home
run king himself The most defying moment ! EVER Ben johnson And the use
of steroids! What a differnece? A steroid is an illegal drug that will make you stronger. If you are a swimmer or another athlete they will make you stronger. A weight lifter will become better and stronger. You can also practice longer and lift heaver weights. Steroids in school sports
olympics and other
professional sports is just not fair. How would you like to loose to a guy in the 100m dash by .03 seconds and know that they are on steroids. Or through a javelin half a yard shorter then the winner. Thankfully in the olympics if you win a medal and you are tested positive for steroid use, you are stripped of that medal and given to the proper winner. And in professional sports it can lead to a suspension. BY taking steroids it also limits chances
on making it to special places like the hall of fame Ben Johnsons act on
his use of steroids has now
caught the eye of most professional
leagues and aswell as the olympics It can be one of the most frowend apon thing in sports and that is why its a defying moment! All because of a Canadian
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