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Coma Splicing

presentation about coma splicing for english class

Juan Navarro

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Coma Splicing

Coma Splicing A comma splice is an error caused by joining two strong clauses with only a comma instead of separating the clauses with a conjunction, a semicolon, or a period. A run-on sentence, which is incorrect, s created by joining two strong clauses without any punctuation. Examples Example I see my little brothers now and thank God they didn't experience what i did growing up. My parents had gone though a tough time these past few years. My mother had fallen off a ladder which impaired her from working. My father had lost his job and struggled to find one. Suffering through those years in my life has really changed the way i look at education. How it should look like Definition How it should look like In class, I paid enough attention so I knew what I was doing. After that I kind of just did my own thing. Example As I started high school, I was determined to be an outstanding student again. I started out by using my agenda and trying to manage everything. I was even put into Pre -Ap classes. It was going good and i was staying on top of everything, but i soon broke the habit which i thought was harder than i thought. How it should be Bibligraphy
accessed 10/9/12
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