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Will Howard

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Sports

Sports Gatorade Football Baseball Basketball Greatest Game Ever Played AFL-NFL Merger First Super Bowl Basketball association of America 1946 NBA Formed 1949 1958 NFL Championship Game
Baltimore Colts v New York GIants
Colts Win 23-17
Modern NFL Play Born Played January 1967
Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
Packers Win 35-10
30 second commercial cost $42K
Bart Starr. Vince Lombardi
AFL-NFL begins merger in 1966
AFL Was a Start-Up League
NFL Controlled Market Felt Threated By NYJets Signing Joe Nameth
Leads to Creation of SuperBowl and NFL Draft Important Places Nothing Matters Until Jordan Comes Oldest of todays 3 Big Leagues
Scandals Start, Pop Culture Icons
Many expansion teams move west
Developed In 1965 at UF
Quickly became a staple in the locker room
Water found to be inferior
Yankees Stadium Fenway Park Other Sports Muhammad Ali: The Greatest
NHL Continues Expansion
Television Advancments in Automotive Technology 1940 The US Army asks 135 maanufators to develop the jeep.
Willys-Overland began producing jeeps with over 60 HP!
Many things were done to cut weight, including thin paint more than normal 1941 GM starts to redesign car bodys to mirror fighter planes of the day.
Front Bumpers are first to be redesigned, followed by tail lights
Many of these early changes based off of P-38
1942-1950 1942-45 The US Auto Industry produced 20% of the total US output for war material.
In 1945 the Volkswagen ‘Bug’ was manufactured, it remained in production until 1977.
By 1945 he US stock of vehicles was seriously aged due to the production for the war effort, 10 million of the 25 million vehicles registered in the US were more than ten years old.
In 1949 Willys began production of its CJ (civilian jeep) the CJ remained popular until the 1980s when the line was discontinued
In 1948 the tubeless tire was introduced
In 1950 the US automotive production accounted for 2/3 of the total world production

1955 This was a great year for the automotive industry, worldwide 13.7 million units were produced. The US accounted for 9.2 million.
The British were second to the US with only 1.3 million units produced.
Fuel consumption averaged 790 gallons per car in the US.
Ford introduced the first two-seater Thunderbird.
Chevrolet came out with its first V-8. It was a 283 cubic inch, this engine was also the first mechanical fuel injection system.
By the end of the year sales in the US reached 7.2 million. Less than 52,000 were imports.
1960-1969 Detroit’s domination of the auto market was coming to an end.
In 1964 Studebaker-Packard made seatbelts standard equipment.
Vehicle air pollution and control act set the standards for emissions in the US.
US auto industry rebounded but still only producing 45% of the worlds production.
In 1970 the Clean Air Act tightened emissions regulations.
By 1976 more than 70% if all US automobiles had V-8 engines, 22% were 6 cylinder, and 8.5% had 4 cylinders.
In 1978 Japan accounted for more than half of the vehicles imported into the US.
Chrysler Co. was threatened with bankruptcy in 1979 because of the overwhelming amount of fuel efficient vehicles imported, as well as the fuel shortage.
1980 Japan emerged as the world's leading producer of automobiles with just over 11 million units produced in a world-wide total of over 38.6 million. The Japanese production gave them 28.5% of the world market, making Japan the leading automotive producer. Slipping to second place among world producers for the first time since taking the lead from France in 1904, the U.S. produced just over 8 million for a market share just shy of 21%.
Annual losses at Ford North America passed the $1 billion mark, prompting the company to commit to a dramatic modernization and redesign effort. One of the most important results of the Ford commitment to change itself and the U.S. auto industry appeared in 1986 with the introduction of the Ford Taurus and the Mercury Sable.
The days of the United States domination of the automotive market are over.
Architecture Post modern architecture is viewed as beginning in the late 1950’s and continuing through the present day.
Also described as “non-eclectic”, this movement collaborates with different styles and creates a new way to look at architecture.
Most post modern architectural developments have a futuristic feel and have separated from previous styles.
Postmodernism is a rejection of strict rules set by the early modernists and seeks exuberance in the use of building techniques, angles, and stylistic references. Agriculture POSTMODERNISM Postmodernism Take the Postmodernist appraoch and not define time period
The american dream was becoming a reality for most families during this time
Out of war and no longer depressed

WillHoward, Cole Parnell, Sam Parnell
Chandler Caldwell, Trey Hughy, Pam Barnes
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