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Youth Entrepreneurship Development at ILO

Youth Entrepreneurship Development in ILO Introduction

Gulmira Asanbaeva

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Youth Entrepreneurship Development at ILO

GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS GLOBAL JOBS CRISIS The Youth Employment Challenge Employability Equal opportunities Employment creation Jobs for youth tackle skills mismatch provide youth with skills on-demand at the labour markets Social Justice+Disability + Gender Equality =Productive youth Stimulating youth labour markets Facts on Youth Youth Entrepreneurship Strategies Defining YENT Pillars of the
Youth Entrepreneurship strategy
YENT Overview / Demos Conceptual Overview
An application perspective ofYENT Operational Analytical Four implementation tasks for designing youth entrepreneurship strategies Support Create Environment
Educate Empower Steps Some customers are worth more than others
Knowing value of customer to the enterprise allows prioritization
Differentiate customers based on needs
80/20 rule Want to better understand customer ‘needs’ vs. demographics Want to better understand the value of that customer to the enterprise Lifetime value (LTV) … net present value of the stream of expected future contributions from the customer.
Most valuable customers, most growable customers, below-zeros, migrators
Refers to why customer buys rather than what they buy. Use knowledge of customer to figure out what he/she needs Key term is ‘mass customization’ Youth Entrepreneurship --> Challenge Can be product based Can be product based Or service based on standard products Use of information technologies key Or service based on standard products Use of information technologies key Global Employment Trends for Youth in 2009-10 Micro Macro Meso Youth Employment Strategies YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP Boosting Employment
Sustainable Enteprise
Development YENT “practical application of enterprising qualities, such as initiative, innovation, creativity, and risk-taking into the work environment (either in self-employment or hired employment)
using the appropriate skills necessary for
success in that environment and culture” (Schnurr and Newing, 1997).1 in-school (KAB) out-of-school (KAB+
SIYB+Get Ahead etc)) (policies and strategies on
SME are youth-friendly entrepreneurial culture affordable financing
accessible BDS
YE associations
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