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Matthieu Foreman

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Travel

1. Which city has tallest building in the World?
A. Taipei.
B. Chicago.
C. Toronto.
D. Dubai. 2. Where is the longest suspension bridge? A. Japan
B. Denmark
C. China
D. San Fransico 3. Where is the largest shopping mall? A. Canada
B. Singapore
C. China
D. United States 4. Which city has the biggest soccer stadium? A. Rome
B. Tokyo
C. Cape Town
D. Rio de Janeiro 5.Which country has the worlds largest palace? A. China
B. Russia
C. Romania
D. England 6.Where is the worlds longest bridge? A. Japan
B. Canada
C. India
D. China Matt Harding travelled to 42 different countries in 14 months to film this video. He has become a minor celebrity because of his dancing video's on YouTube. You may know his Visa comercial. Matt Harding is an ordinary guy. He worked for a video game company in Australia. He got bored with his job so he decided to sell everything he had and travel the world until he ran out of money. Matt loves to dance but he only has one dance move. His friend told him to make of video of him doing it in all the countries he visited. Matt Harding also got invited to make a promotional video for the 2010 world cup. Where they taught him some much needed new dance moves. As you can see travelling is one of the most exciting things to do.
Where would you like to travel?

With a partner plan a trip to anywhere in the world.
Write in full sentances: where do you want to go?
why do you want to go there?
who do you want to go with?
when would you go?
how would you get there?
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