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Modern Day Usage of Greek Mythology

No description

Shi Min Ooi

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Modern Day Usage of Greek Mythology

By: Shi Min Ooi Modern Day Uses of Mythology Business Literature Art Medicine Astrology Language Psychology Citation Zeus Right outside of 1 Mont Kiara - Zeus: the protector and ruler of mankind, the dispenser of good and evil, and the god of weather

- Possibly to show how alcohol has power over humankind Odyssey - Representing journey and trip Bus Express Company Venus Women's beauty product Aphrodite (Venus): God of love and beauty Tennessee Titans Professional American Football Team - Symbolizes great strength, intellect, or importance Volkswagen Phaeton Luxurious Sedan - Phaeton: A reckless teen who almost destroyed the world while driving HTC Droid Eris Smartphones - Eris: Goddess of frustration, rivalry, and strife
(Indirectly hinting inconvenience) Caduceus Medical Institution - Hermes (Mercury): his staff, symbolizing deceit and profit Real symbol of medicine, healing (Aesculapius rod): Pandora Pandora Internet Radio - Pandora means "all-gifted"
- Contained evils to infect the earth however
hope remained to suppress and balance out
the universe. Olympus Camera Company - Olympus: Home of Olympian Gods
- To symbolize the beautiful
scenery like the heavens Poseidon Seafood Restaurant - Poseidon: God of sea
- To symbolize the control over the sea and the seafood and also the mastery of cooking the seafood. Pegasus Delivery Company - Pegasus: a winged horse born from Medusa's head when she died
- Wings symbolize speed and horse symbolizes strength. A fast and convenient delivery service. Apollo Theater Music Hall - Apollo: God of music, poetry, prophecy, archery
- To symbolize that their theater offers music with standards of a God Atlas Van Lines Moving Company - Atlas: a titan that was doomed to use his shoulders to support the heaven
- To symbolize the moving service provided supports all throughout the world Calypso Uranium Mineral Exploration Company - Calypso: a nymph that lives on an island and strands Odysseus for 7 years. - To symbolize authority over the piece of land, controlling the resources Hermes Soap Products - Hermes: Messenger of gods, god of merchants and thievery Amazon Online Bookstore Amazon: race of female warriors Nike Sportswear Company - Nike: Goddess of victory
- To symbolize speed, agility, and victory during sports Starbucks Coffeehouse - Siren: a symbol of obsession, addiction, and death
- To lure customers (originally Seattle, since it was known for sea sports and sailing)
- Much the same as how we are seduced by
caffeine. Versace Fashion Clothesline - Medusa: a mortal gorgon with snakes as hair.
- Symbolizes how vanity and promiscuity ruin people. Trojan Condoms - To symbolize masculinity, strength, and resiliency Percy Jackson Percy Jackson(son of Poseidon) is an Olympian demigod who goes through quests upon challenging Olympian Gods to save his friends. Dread Locks A mixture of Greek myths of Medusa interpreted in the modern society. Oh. My. Gods. Phoebe moves to Aegean Sea with her family and discovers that her classmates are all descendants of gods. Nobody's Princess The author weaves some parts of history and mythology together to tell a fascinating story of how a girl became the Helen of Troy. The Fire Thief This book is about a titan who steals fire from heaven and gifts it to earth. "A Herculean task..." - Hercules: a hero known for his strength in accomplishing a hard labor job

- To describe a task that is extremely difficult to achieve and requires great strength and effort "Achilles' Heels" - Achilles' heels are supposed to be the only weak spot on his body to attack.

- It is used to describe a person's weak point both physically and mentally. "Tantalizing" - Tantalizing means to "torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable"
- It originates from a story about King Tantalus. He was being tortured in the afterlife with desires that can never come true. (e.g., if he wants to see the reflection in the water, the water will recede.) "Panic" - Panic means "sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior"

- Pan: God of woods and fields
"Panic arose when Pan chased young maidens through the woods." Morphine - Derived from Morpheus, god of sleep.

- Morphine is a medical drug retrieved from opium to relieve pain Achilles Tendon - The joint in front of the heel of the foot

- Derived from Achilles' heel's story Hercules Plague - When Hercules slaughters a beast, the skin heals back fast, growing more heads on the beast

- To describe the fast spread of diseases and the super strength and power over life or death that the disease has. Oedipal Complex - Originates from Oedipus, who was destined to throw over his father's throne and marry his mother

- To describe a man who is overly attached to his mother and feels a strong sense of hatred towards his father. Electra Complex - A princess names Electra plotted a plan to murder her mother because she divorced her birth father and married another man.

- Used to describe a girl who shows affection to her father but feels hatred and anger towards her mother. Birth of Aphrodite Pallas and Centaur Ledas and the Swan - Planets are named after Gods and Goddesses.

- The constellation "Orion's Belt"

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