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Sea Butterfly

No description

Eibhlaan McGriagguitt

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Sea Butterfly

Double click anywhere & add an idea SEA BUTTERFLY what they eat where they live how they move flap about with little wings float top side up moved about by the current what are they? called sea angels or flapping snail Came about in the Cenozoic era •Just about 4.5 cm tall that's how big your finger is! live deep in the deep ocean come to the surface at night population boom during the autumn and winter •Holoplanktonic plankton their whole lives •Known as the ‘potato chip’ of the ocean - Researcher Gretchen Hofmann what do they look like? when young they eat alga tha passes by on the current when older they hunt copepods make nets out of mucus •Feed at surface at night when all the other plankton go up •Eaten by many fishes behavior not much is known •Sometimes are found in packs •Migrate vertically every night •Often washed up onto beaches in Australia kpcofgs? order Theocosomata (shelled pteropod) subclass Opisthobranchia class Gastropoda phylum Mollusca the end by:
Willow Johnston
Abby Gigante
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