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Vocabulary about superheroes

No description

Laia Staehler

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Vocabulary about superheroes

Villain: An evil person, epecially in a book or play. Hero: A person who is admired, especially for having done sth difficult or good. Evil: Morally bad, causing trouble or harming people. Handsome: attractive Courageous: The ability to control fear in a situation that may be dangerous or unpleasant. Mad: Having a mind that does not work normally; mentally ill. Powerful: Having a lot of control or influence over other people. Wicked: Morally bad; evil. Honest: Telling the truth; not stealing people. Fight: To use physical strength, guns, vocapons, etc against sb/sth. Defeat: To win a game, a fight, a vote, etc against sb; to beat sb. Rescue: To save sb/sth from a situation that is dangerous or unpleasant. Protect: To keep sb/sth safe; to defend sb/sth. Cloak: A type of loose coat without sleeves that was more common in former times.
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