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Confederation: The Threat of Invasion

No description

Hussein Rondo

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Confederation: The Threat of Invasion

Confederation: The Threat of Invasion
What would happen?
The North American colonies hoped that if they joined forces with Britain, the U.S. would not attempt and Invasion. The citizens of North America believed that a confederation would be able to protect against an invasion and that the country would be much safer.
What happened?
The matter became worse during the American Civil War partly because the British mostly supported the South but also because of a bill that was brought to the house of Representatives in the USA.
The relationship between the colonies and USA had been unstable since America fought in the war of Independance.
Britain cooperated in helping North America on the cause of Confederation. In the 1860s there was a "rumor" of the U.S. invading and expanding into British North America. Many colonies believed it would be much safer if they united, so they could stop the invasion all together as one country and help each other out. During the United States Civil War, BNA had assisted the South, so BNA was afraid that the North would attempt an invasion on the colonies. They believed that a confederation would make the country safer if an invasion did happen.
How Did Britain Cooperate?
What is the Bill?
The bill was known as the "annexation bill" which allowed for the admission of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East, Canada west, Territories of Selkirk (Manitoba), Saskatchewan and Columbia. It wasn't passed as a law but it still made many Canadians afriad.
How Did it End?
This video is about the war of 1812. The reason i am putting this video because this is the war that lead to the war of Independence and the American civil war. America tried invading BNA during those times and because before the American Revolution USA and North America was run by Britain and followed all of there rules.
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