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Early Childhood Education

No description

Eliza Wend

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Early Childhood Education

Chapter 3: Observations Study Guide
Early Childhood Education
Anecdotal Record
Developmental Milestones
Ongoing Assessment
Participation Chart
Rating Scale
Vocabulary Words
Assessment Information should be used to show
progress of the child
and available at parent\teacher conferences.
(Keep information confidential from others)
The assessment method chosen depends on the
type of behaviors
you want to assess and the
amount of detail
You will need
assessments to provide an exact assessment of a child's ability or performance.
Use free-choice activities to record observations of child
Observations as Assessment
Define: A collection of materials that shows a person's abilities, accomplishments, and progress over time
Anecdotal Record
- is the easiest method of assessment because it requires no special setting or time frame
Rating Scale
- requires you to make a judgement about behavior
- indicates the presence or absence of a trait
Types of Observation Forms
A portfolio should be a summary of the
child's development
Stories, photographs, art pieces and checklists can all be included in portfolio contents
Child's Development is impacted by...
Economic Status
Home Background
Study: Informal\Formal Methods of Observation
Essay Questions: You will complete all three.
List three purposes of assessment
What are the three considerations for choosing an assessment method?
To be objective, a statement must pass two tests. Name these two tests.
Purposes of Assessment
Individual and classroom problems can often be identified
allows you to identify those students who might have special needs
can find out where children are in their development
info can be useful in parent\teacher conferences
helpful in evaluating your program
used in planning developmentally appropriate curriculum
Three Considerations for choosing an assessment method?
1. The type of behavior you want to assess and the amount of detail needed
2. Whether the info needs to be collected for one child or the entire group
3. The amount of focused attention required by the observer
Objective Statements
It must describe only observable action
The recorded info must be nonevaluative
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