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Indias Neighbors

No description

Kim Kovacic

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Indias Neighbors

India's Neighbors
India has 5 neighbors- Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka

The cultures of each country reflect on the people
Ex: Sherpa's in mountainous Nepal
Tamil in Sri Lanka

Most countries have one major religion
Nepal: Hinduism//Pakistan & Bangladesh Islam
People of the Indian Subcontinent
Lacks government stability
Suffers from rebellions & assassinations of leaders
Rapid population growth
Struggles to manage resources and reduce poverty
Tension with India- Kashmir
Pakistan controls West Kashmir, India controls the east

Aided the US with war on terrorism
Small- size; same as Wisconsin
Population equal to half of the United States
Overcrowding is everywhere

Flooding a MAJOR problem from...
Flooding in 2004 left more than 25 million homeless!
Rapidly growing population (doubled the
past 30 years)
Kathmandu- Capital- overcrowding &

One of worlds least developed countries
This is due to population growth and poor resources
Environmental threats- deforestation causes
soil erosion and harms wildlife
In Himalayas
Farmers produce rice, potato and corn
Raise livestock
Government limits tourism to protect the environment and way of life
Sri Lanka
Large Island located off India's southeast coast
2 ethnic groups- Tamil & Sinhalese
They divide Sri Lanka Today
Tamil fighting for separate nation
2002: cease-fire, yet violence continues to disrupt the island
Devastated by 2004 tsunami
Thousands killed
500,000 left homeless
Damaged fishing and agricultural industries, still trying to rebuild today
Identify one challenge that EACH country is facing today.

Your job is to develop a solution for each challenge. You will work as a table to come up with your answers. These will be discussed as a class
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