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Japan draft

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elad zohar

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Japan draft

Incubators of the world - A benchmark study Arthur D. Little GTI lab - ESCP Paris Technion institure of technology Israel USA Canada
Israel China
India Japan
France Switzerland
Sweeden Singapore

Japan Culture Government policy Incubator model
& History Funding Future? Japan is one of the world leaders in innovation but has one of the lowest rates of
entrepreneurship Low level of entrepreneurship – People just don’t think opening a new business is a good career move.

Aging society – creating a problem for the future, slowing down the economy.

World leader in technology production and export.

Risk avert Business environment and culture.
Support by legislation and national funding programs Initiating the business incubator concept at early 80’s.

Many new laws were enacted to support the new initiative:

Initiating the creation of Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organization (JANBO) in 1999.

Incubation manager (IM’s) training programs - over 600 graduates by 2009.

Allocation of resources in the BI industry The incubator concept has arrived to Japan in early 80’s as an effort of the government to recuperate the economy.

Incubator model – Silicon Valley U.S.A

The initial emphasis was put on increasing collaboration between government, academy and industry in technology R&D.

Following The enactment of the New Business Creation Promotion Law in1998 Incubator number started to grow rapidly (switching from industrial oriented and hardware to software orientation and management support) .
Japanese VC’s tend to invest only in later stages companies³.

Government funded creation of Industrial Clusters and Science & Technology (S&T) parks.

Several public programs to support R&D and IM training.

Most funding for seed stage comes from personal savings and bank loans (not VC’s and Angels)4.

Many incubators are run by Universities and large commercial companies.
Increase public and government official’s understanding of the BI industry’s importance.

Elevate the level of entrepreneurship of the population, help change traditional way of thinking.

Continue expand the network of qualified Incubator Managers.

Help the industry overcome the stagnant economic situation (low economic growth rate) and current global crisis.

Strengthen the connection between external investors to the industry.

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