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Copy of Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World

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nikhil luthra

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
Jennifer Armstrong
By: Erica Bottjer
"Just Imagine" Chapter 1
"Just Imagine" is about the North Pole and the South Pole
and their differences. It tells that the North Pole is cold, it goes down
to -20 degrees. It also has 3 long months of dark winter nights.
Well, if you think the North Pole is bad wait till you hear about the South Pole.
The South Pole is about -120 degrees to -130 degrees, can you imagine if
you lived there. Well, nobody lives there so, don't even think about it.
Just imagine the winds that go to about 200 miles per hour.
In 1915, a group of 28 men were stranded in the most terryfying place I can
think of. They had no contact with anyone except themselves, suprisingly they
all lived! That is my summary of chapter one, "Just Imagine."

"The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Crew" Chapter 2
Important Event of Chapter 2

1.) Shackelton plans his expedition.
2.) Shackelton obtains his ship the Endurance.
3.) Shackelton begins his expeditions 8/8/1914.
4.) Arrives in Argentina to pick up sled dogs on October 26th 1914.
5.) Arrives in South Georgia Island, waiting for ice to break.
6.) Leaves for Antartica.
"The Growlers" Chapter 3
1.) Shackelton almost didn't go on his expedition.
2.) Shackelton begins his expedition on 8/8/1914.
3.)Shackelton went and picked up dogs in , Buenos Aires, Argentina.
4.) Percy Blackborrow joined the crew, because he hid in a locker,
and nobody knew he was there.
5.) It took them three months to get from England to South Georgia
6.) Shackleton waited 1 to 2 weeks at Gytviken, because of the bad

Important Events
"The Fist of the Antartic" Chapter 4
Important Events of Chapter 4
1.) The ship was going slow, because they had to sail
around the icebergs.
2.) They passed 400 iceburgd in 24 hours!
3.) The crew couldn't reach land with all the iceburgs around.
4.) They were surronded by ice 100 miles from land.

" Winter on the Pack" Chapter 5
Important Events
1.) Shackleton feared he couldn't cross the contienent
if the ice is bad.
2.) The crew hunted penguins and seals.
3.) They made dogloos, (houses for the dogs.) For the six dog teams.
4.) They melted the ice into drinking water.
"Pressure" Chapter 6
Important Events
1.) The men tied wires around camp so they could
follow their way to safety if needed.
2.) Ice was breaking and shifting because of the winds.
3.) Pressing ice pushed the Endurance, and rolls over.
"The Face of the Deep is Frozen" Chapter 7
Important Events
1.) They abandoned their ship.
2.) A member got snow blindness.
3.) They split into groups and each had their own job.
4.) They were going nowhere so, they put down some
dogs and a cat.
"Ocean Camp" Chapter 8
Important Events
1.) They got 3 tons of their food, at
Dump Camp then returned to Ocean camp.
2.) The Endurnce was moving.
3.) The ship sinks November 21, 1915.
4.) On December 23rd they leave
Ocean camp.

"Mutiny" Chapter 9
1.) Abandoned one of their lifeboats.
2.) They went against Shakelton.
3.) They went to a new camp called "Patience."
Important Events
"Patience, Patience, Patience." Chapter 10
Important Events
1.) Killed some of the dogs.
2.) Went on a salvage mission.
3.) Found a twig that reminded them
of home, and made them homesick.
"Into the Boats" Chapter 11
Important Events
1.) They killed the rest of
the dogs.
2.) Went 600 miles.
3.) Shackleton almost got seperated.
4.) Boats are launched on April 24th 1916.
"Escape From the Ice" Chapter 12
Important Events
1.) Almost got caught in the riptide.
2.) Tied boats togather.
3.) They tried to go to Elephant
" Passage to Elephant Island" Chapter 13
Important Events
1.) Went 30 miles in the wrong direction.
2.) Made it to Drakes' passage, and relized
they went the wrong way.
3.) Found the island.
4.) Couldn't get on land.
5.) They finally got on the island on May 10th

" Dry Land" Chapter 14
Important Events
1.) Went hunting, slept, snd cooked after
2.) They have to find a new beach.
3.) Goes with 6 men to South Georgia Island.
"The Open Boat Journey: The First Ten Days" Chapter 15
Important Events
1.) They took off on Aprild 24th 1916.
2.) They had really bad weather.
3.) They were halfway there in 10 days.
" The End of the Open Boat Journey" Chapter 16
Important Events
1.) They spotted a piece of floating kelp, which signaled land was near.
2.) They sailed threw a hurricane.
3.) They landed on South Georgia Island.
4.) It was 18 months since they were there last.

" The Cave" Chapter 17
Important Events
1.) Shackelton said a black wall was going to fall on them.
2.) He planned to go 29 miles.
3.) The three men Shackleton chose, left for the whailing station
leaving the rest of the men behind with minimum supplies.
4.) They had 2 lifeboats, and wood and some small supplies of food
to hold them up until Shackleton and the men are back.
" The Alps" Chapter 18
Important Events
1.) 3 men are going on a hike.
2.) They heard the 7 o'clock whistle, they were
near the whaling station.
3.) They found the whailing station on MAy 20th 1916.
4.) They sent a boat to pick up the remaining men on the
other island.
"Camp Wild" Chapter 19
Important Events
1.) They slept in a hut.
2.) The doctors operated on Blackbarrow's foot.
3.) They rescue the remaining 22 men on Elephant island
and bring them home on August 30th 1916.

"Epilogue" Chapter 20
Important Events
1.) Shackleton was called to a unit in North Russia.
2.) Shackleton died of a heart attack in South Georgia
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