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My Path to Become a Teacher

No description

Olivia Egli

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of My Path to Become a Teacher

My Path to Become a Teacher
Job Description:
A teacher is a role model and educator to students and the people in their community.
Teachers are looked up to and depended on by students everyday.
The first teachers in America taught grades K-12 in one classroom all at one time.
All teachers were men until the demand for more education and classes became so high that women started to become teachers.

How Teaching Evolved:
Elementary teachers in Iowa make about 32,000 dollars per year.
Because of the amount of money that I would make, I would have %15 of my pay check taken by the government for taxes.
My Salary:
How will I Start?
Who/What inspired me to become a teacher:
I will start by making sure I have good grades and keeping up in all of my classes.
I will find any information that i need to find the best college programs and scholarship options.
I will get involved in the opportunities involving elementary students.
Early Childhood Education
Possible opportunities to student teach elementary students.
High School Classes:
Iowa State University offers an undergraduate elementary education program.
Student teaching
Applying for Scholarships
Iowa State University:
There are multiple people in my life who inspired me to become a teacher; My grandmother, my mother, my cousin, and many others.
I want to become a teacher so that I can make a difference in kids lives everyday and learn from them as much as they learn from me.
Lack of job oportunitites
Lack of money
Having no place to live
Lack of support
Change of mind
Question: What are your favorite things about teaching?
Answer: Learning different things everyday form my students, the relationships that you develop with the kids, having the opportunity to be a role model to them. It is a good challenge.
Question: What is something challenging about being a teacher?
Answer: Having to teach students with different learning abilities. Meeting kids needs, and being able to teach in different ways for all of my students to understand.
Question: What obstacles did you have to overcome?
Answer: Second guessing my major and realizing the amount of the salary.
Question: What would you say to someone who wants to become a teacher?
Answer: Take it one step at a time and realize the impact that you have on kids.
Video Clip:
Kindergarten Teacher
Number of years teaching
Ways to Advance:

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Depending on the school, I would have eight to nine hours of work per day.
I would work an average of four-five hours per week.

My Work Hours:
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The best place for me to begin my teaching career is a small town in Iowa.
The cost of living in Iowa for a single adult is about $10,890. It is not as high as it would be to live on the coasts.
Geographic Job Opportunities:
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