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Is it a Fad? Why the Economy Won't Let 21st Century Skills Go Away - Ken Kay


Ross Scott

on 5 January 2010

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Transcript of Is it a Fad? Why the Economy Won't Let 21st Century Skills Go Away - Ken Kay

Is it a Fad? Why the Economy Won't Let 21st Century Skills Go Away - Ken Kay
The auto, textile, tobacco, and mining industries will not be as strong as they were. Projection: Questions: As the economy contiues to struggle, what is the appropriate response from the region, state, nation? How can our schools be intentional about preparing kids for jobs that may not even exist? The old presumption: If you study English, math, social studies, and science for four years you will have a career for 30 - 40 years. The new reality: A person will have 10.4 jobs between the ages of 18 & 38. What's the shelf life of a planet, say Pluto for example?
for me - about 50 years

for middle schoolers - about 14 years

for early elementary kids - about one week Today, technology information is doubling every 2 years! In 2020, technology information will double every 72 days! What skills will our students need for the next 25 years? communication
critical thinking flexibility
interpersonal skills persistance
problem solving savory consumerization
stress managemant
technology skills An Apple executive said: "If somebody needs to be managed, they are
no longer employable." Questions to ponder: Are we setting up schools to teach 21st Century skills? Could we be more intentional with our instruction of these skills? How good are we at preparing students for the non-routine? So, what do they need? critical thinking and problem solving skills creativity and innovation communication and collaboration skills literacy
technology global, economic, and entrepreneurial awareness
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