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The Red Fox

No description

Brandi Gibson

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of The Red Fox

The Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes
Where do
Red Foxes
come from?
Miacids are ancient mammals that eventually evolved into a number of difference species of animals. Of credit, this mammal developed into bears, wolves, dogs, the mongoose, skunks, and of course, foxes.
Where are Red Foxes found?
Foxes are found on almost all of the continents but were introduced into Australia so they can be hunted for sport.
Where do Red Foxes live?
Red foxes can be found in many parts of the world and can adapt to almost any climate and environment. In North America and Europe, Red Foxes thrive in forested areas. Those Red Foxes found in arid areas are generally smaller.
What do foxes eat?
Like humans, Red Foxes are omnivores but their diets are mainly influenced by food availability. For instance, during the spring-summer months, grubs, insects, rodents, fruits, berries, and grasses are main diet staples. In fall and winter months, Red Foxes usually feed on mice, rabbits and other rodents.
What is the life cycle
of the Red Fox?
Red foxes mating season usually starts around December and can last up to April. The gestation period is relatively quick lasting approximately 50 days and litters can rage from 2 - 10 pups. Foxes do not usually live past eight years old because of so many diseases and parasites. Red fox pups are usually weened when they are only 9 weeks old and are fully grown at about 6 months old.
What about Red Foxes in Pop-culture?
Red foxes are looked upon as cunning and intelligent creatures. Popularized by fables, cartoons, and stories, the red fox has been in our lives from childhood.
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