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Magnets! (2nd Grade)

Concept-Based Teaching Model

Danielle Cohen

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Magnets! (2nd Grade)

A Direct Presentation Approach
to Concept-Based Teaching Magnets! Critical Attributes Size
Where it's found
What it attracts THROUGH Non-Critical Attributes Invisible Magnetic Fields Strongest at the Poles
North and South Poles
Contains and is attracted to Iron and Steel
Repelled from things without iron and steel A Magnet is an object that has Magnetic Fields with Poles that can Attract and Repel other objects Definition Examples Non-Examples TRICK:
C obalt
I ron
N ickel
S teel Your Turn! Is it Magnetic or Not? What Have You Learned? Name some things that does not matter with magnets? (Non-Critical Attributes)
Name some examples of what magnets can be attracted THROUGH?
What makes something magnetic?
What are some other examples of magnets?
What are some other examples of things that are NOT magnets?
Name important characteristics of magnets
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