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The Avengers teamwork

No description

Ria Shetty

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Avengers teamwork

Anna Roohi, Emma Jaglowski, Nina Bernard, Ria Shetty, Robin Da Silva, Sonia Vibhakar


A process by which a group of people work collaboratively to achieve a set goal or task

Business Directory
Human Knot
• Stand in a circle. Hold hands with two different people opposite you (not next to you).
Objective: Without breaking hands, un-knot yourselves without breaking hands so you are holding hands with the two people either side of you.
You have 2 MINUTES.

Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing 

Authority may be challenged
jockey for position
ways of working start to be defined
Ask each other for help
constructive criticism
stronger commitment to the team goal
hard work leads directly to progress towards the shared vision of their goal
new team members are first brought together
can be positive, polite, anxious, excited
Fury assembles the team in response to the global crisis.
Most don’t see the value of the team, and are unclear of their own role within it.
Thor sees it as his sole responsibility to deal with Loki.
The Hulk’s alter ego Bruce Banner just wants to be left alone
Tony Stark is distrustful of Fury’s intentions
Bad Teamwork
Interpersonal Conflicts
Unclear Role Identification
Negative Outcomes
Bad Attitude
Poor Communication
Element of Good Teamwork
Common Goal
Good Teamwork
Relationships are fiery and mistrust is high
There’s little teamwork.

When their ship is attacked, they do so in ones and twos
lose one of their team, Phil Coulson
No employer today is independent of those around him.
He cannot succeed alone.

Start to appreciate the special qualities of others in the team
Recognise how they can work better as a team rather than as individuals
Team-centric outlook

Commitment to their purpose, the team start performing
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