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Great Depression/Great Recession

No description

Monique Jackson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression/Great Recession

Major Causes Of The Great Depression Major causes of the great recession who were the leaders of our country during these times? what did they do to prevent these crises? stock market crash
Franklin D Rosevelt presidents during great depression bank failures reduction in purchasing across the board decline in Us housing
market let to the explosion
of the subprime mortgage market 1929 president during great
recession american economic policy with Europe drought conditions President Hoover President George Bush President Borack Obama According to much of my research, the Great Depression and the Great Recession have many similarities. Admittedly, I am no expert on financial matters. However, as I see it, it is way to early, to answer whether or not they are the same. My thoughts are, that while we may experience some of the same ailments as our Great Grandparents, we will not experience the same out come.

Many hard lessons came out of the Great Depression. In the end as a society, I believe that generation came out for the better. Many economic changes were made after the Great Depression. However, I do not believe that today's society will come out smelling like a rose. Our Recession has not come upon us because of Financial Ignorance. It has been because of the constant greed of corporate hogs and politicians, that we are in this situation. Our world is far more complicated financially than that of the 1930's. We are all inter-connected Globally now, and we face an abundance of perils our Grandparents never even dreamed of.

In what ways are they the same? Recession Depression vs GREAT DEPRESSION VS. GREAT RECESSION
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