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Essay Writing 101

No description

Kimberly Bathan

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Essay Writing 101

Organization & Logic
In-text Citation (MLA)
Essay Writing 101
Main Parts
1.) Introduction
2.) Body
3.) Conclusion

Important Aspects
1.) Logic
2.) Grammar
3.) Citation
4.) Do's & Don'ts
5.) Overall Tips
1.) Thesis Statement
(purpose and main points)
-what are you arguing?
-focus and clear
Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence
followed by details

Details are examples, explanations, and evidence.
-don't state as a question!

Fall is a great season because people can watch football, wear sweaters, and get dress up for Halloween.
restates thesis, doesn't include new information, and can contain a good wrap up
1.) Organize paper appropriately.
2.) The thesis is logically followed in the paper.
3.) There should be "flow."
between ideas (i.e. between paragraphs and conclusion.

is when you use information from another source,

Example of
Source: Fall is the Best by George Smith

According to the text, fall is the best season because "families and friends spend 50% more time together when they watch NFL

According to Smith, fall is the best season because "families and friends spend 50% more time together when they watch NFL

A.) Introduction
B.) Body
1.) Topic 1
a.) Detail
b.) Detail
c.) Detail

2.) Topic 2
a.) Detail
b.) Detail
c.) Detail

3.) Topic 3
a.) Detail
b.) Detail
c.) Detail
C.) Conclusion
Edit! Edit! Edit!
Read paper aloud
"Formula" *
Main Idea = reason 1 reason 2 reason 3

Example of Topic Sentences
Paragraph 1:
During the fall, people bond by watching the NFL.
Paragraph 2:
In addition, people can wear comfy clothing, such as sweaters and socks.
Paragraph 3:
Lastly, people dress up in fun costumes for Halloween.
presented as quotes and/or paraphrase

-Use words
-Use tense
-Assume that the reader
knows the work
formal and academic tone
1. Wordiness
2. Weak verbs

3. Fragments and run-ons
4. Awkward phrasing
5. Contractions

6. "I," "me," and you"
"to be", "to have,"to do," and "to make"
"it's" = "it is" and "couldn't" = "could not"
-be repetitious
-begin or end paragraph
with quote

i.e. supporting details
" (Smith 16).
" (16).
Quote Citation
Example of
Source: Fall is the Best by George Smith

Paraphrase Citation
When they watch the NFL, friends and family spend 50% more time with one another
(Smith 16).
transition words
concrete and specific
Make an outline*
Basic Hamburger Analogy
*Note that this is only a basic example. You can format your essay and thesis a different way.
*this is also a basic format
Take some time away
from the paper
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