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What it Means to be Colored in the Capital U.S.

What it means to be colored in the U.S.

Shelby Asbury

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of What it Means to be Colored in the Capital U.S.

used rhetoric in her speech What it Means to be Colored in the Capital of the U.S. Devices she used are.... Anaphora Diction Ethos Logos Pathos First Person Singular Point of View Plain Folk And........................Pinpointing Enemy Mary Church Terrell.... Mary Church Terrell was born in 1863, on September 23rd.

Raised by her parents, two former slaves.

Time period where racism was rampant everywhere. Her father was shot in the head & left to die.

A close family friend of hers was lynched by
a white mob.

She taught a black secondary school after college.

Even became the first president of the National
Association of Colored Women. After witnessing racism and discrimination
throughout her whole life she delivered the
speech What it Means to be Colored in Capital
of the U.S. "As a colored women" is repeated numerous times to remind you that the speech is about colored women. This device Terrell used is called anaphora. She also used diction, this allowed her
to connect to her audience and show strong emotions with in her feelings. Examples of diction:
1. Hateful
2. Oppression
3. Hideous
4. Persecution

using words like this
make the audience
more aware of how
serious her problem was. Mary used Ethos in her speech as well..... She had ethical reasoning
in why she wanted equality.
she showed this by using facts
and knowledge. She mentions how white and colored
teachers are under the same board
of education but not treated equally.
And she also uses her own knowledge
of how she has been discriminated
against to show her point. Her logic of using background
facts & information gives
the reader a sense of how close this problem was to her heart...........this tool is called logos. Pathos:
The emotional ties she uses
connects with the reader and
since she used her own past history
her words hit home to the heart. By using first person point of view,
she shows the audience that discrimination
has affected her and gives a personal effect to
anyone reading. Plain Folk.....
using everyday people
shows the readers that
inequality can happen to
anyone anywhere. Terrell also used pinpointing
the enemy.
She pinpoints the whites and people
of higher authority to show that everyone
should be treated equal. have been discriminated against
in history and in today's world,
Mary Church Terrell was one of
them and spoke out about it, instead
of staying back in the shadows. Works Cited

Terrell, Mary. "Mary Church Terrell." American Rhetoric. American Rhetoric. Web. 25 Nov 2012.

"Mary Church Terrell." Wikipedia. N.p., 11 2012. Web. 25 Nov 2012.
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