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Take Action!

No description

Nathan Woodman

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Take Action!

1.What does the letter you were assigned mean to you?
The letter that I was assigned from the word SOAR was the letter A. This letter stands for Action , it means more than the other letters to me because without people taking Action no one would stand up for each other and no one would be able to achieve their goals.
2.Why is it an important part of our school SOAR program?
Action is an important part of our school’s Soar program because it is something that not a lot of people do and that’s what we are trying to achieve, more people taking action .It is also important to the program because it helps motivate people to do unusual things that are helpful.
3.Using examples from history, explain how this attribute has helped further societies and groups.
Action has helped societies and groups because it helps build a leader which is important for a group/society. If no one took action in a society or group no one would do anything to cause change . for example in the past there was someone to take action and start the “Make it Stop” , Now at ESS it is a lot bigger and more people know about all because people were taking action to help. In Grade 9 I didn’t even know about it, now its all I see around the school.

This video shows how average people like us can take action and make a difference.
4.How can focusing on this attribute help improve student life at ESS?
Take Action!
Focusing on this attribute it can help improve student life at ESS because it can help get everyone evolved in something that they may be interested in. Also by focusing on Action it can make the school a safer place for students, because students would stand up for each other if there was any problems with bullies.
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