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Manager Interview

communication class presentation

Ashley Samuels

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Manager Interview

Manager Interview By: Kyle Arter - Reporter
Sagrario Baca - Researcher LaKesha Franklin - Brainstormer
Ashley Samuels - Techy 3. As a leader/manager how do you keep your team members engaged?
"It's important to praise the team for work completed, remind them of the goals that are set and to encourage them to stay on time/on task." Mary Ann Cozza
Director of Communications
Phone: (713) 229-5504
Office Number: S-990
Email: cozzam@uhd.edu Food for Thought "Praising the team or individual in a group who showed gains or improvement in front of everyone at a meeting is a great way to lift up attitudes in a group which will motivate." Similarities:
Value other's opinions
Praise one another for work
Encourage teammates to stay on task
Respect teammates thoughts
Work hard to achieve group goals Questions & Answers Continued.. Interviewed Our Group vs Manager's Group 1. As a company/department, do you use team or group work?
"Yes, we often work in teams to complete projects." Conclusion After the interview with Ms. Cozza, we realized that our group has a strong foundation filled with respect, equality and positive reinforcement and together we made our group successful! 2. Do your groups tend to be more task or relationship oriented?
"Both, we work in groups to complete tasks, but we also work together because we value other's opinions." 4. How would you describe a successful group?
"A successful group is one that respects the opinions of group members, works hard to achieve group goals, and encourages group members." -Mary Ann Cozza
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