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Common Allusions from Greek Mythology

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Alex Hardy

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Common Allusions from Greek Mythology

Sisyphus was a crafty king that used his cunning to escape death multiple times. After Sisyphus died, the king handcuffed and trapped Hades for several days, preventing anything on Earth from dying. The king was thus sentenced to an eternity in the depths of Tartarus, forced to push an enormous boulder up a steep hill only to watch it roll down the other side once it reached the top, and then he was forced to repeat it
Atlas (Titan)
Atlas was a titan that fought against the gods in the war against the Olympians. As punishment for his actions Atlas was forced to bear the weight of Uranus on his shoulders so it would never meet Earth. Atlas is known as the Titan of astrology and navigation
Common Allusions from Greek Mythology
(Group 11)

Adonis was a mortal man that was sought after by the gods for his attractiveness. After his birth, Adonis was sheltered by the goddess of love Aphrodite, and entrusted the beautiful youth with the mistress of the underworld Persephone. Persephone refused to give up Adonis and a custody battle ensued, resulting in Adonis splitting each year with the two goddess. This affection of Adonis earned him the title god of beauty
Pandora's Box
Through a series of events, the only living human beings are punished for their creators theft of fire. The punishment comes in the form of a gift. The gift is a large jar that contains everything bad in the world with the marching orders to never break the seal on the jar. Curiosity gets the best of Pandora and she eventually opens the jar, releasing everything bad into the universe.
Adonis Allusions
Allusion - A reference to Adonis as an adjective implies that the subject is an extremely attractive man.

Literature Example - To be casted in Magic Mike as a dancer, you would have to look like Adonis shirtless
Pandora's Box - Allusions
Allusions - Curiosity is a human trait that is often our downfall; "curiosity killed the cat"

Literature Example - Biblical Story of Adam & Eve where Eve eats the forbidden fruit out of curiosity and thus gets humans kicked out of the Garden of Eden.
Prometheus (Titan)
Prometheus is the titan that is known for creating the human race and giving them the gift of ingenuity. In order to do this, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to give to man. To punish this deed, Zeus chained the titan to a rock to have his liver eaten from his body each day by an eagle.
Prometheus - Allusions
Allusion - Stealing from the privileged to give to the underprivileged, or sacrificing your safety to help your creations.

Literature Example - Robinhood, where the main character steals money from the Duke then gives said money back to the common folk
Sisyphus - Allusions
Allusion - Any task that seems endless or without reward/meaning can be referred to as labor of Sisyphus or a Sisyphean task

Example - The human experience can be considered as a Sisyphean task as no matter what you do, you will eventually die and you will forget what you've done on Earth (Sorry for the downer)
Atlas - Allusions
Allusions - To take on a tremendous amount of metaphorical weight on ones shoulders, or a reference to parchment that aids in navigation on land

Examples - "During half time, Andrew transformed into Atlas and won the game sing handily for his team". Common road maps in the United States are named Atlas as they aid in navigation
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