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7th Grade Transition to 8th Grade

No description

Ann Polan

on 18 August 2010

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Transcript of 7th Grade Transition to 8th Grade

New students, new classes, new teachers.

The classes will be mixed; you might have class with a new group of people. There will be new students added to the mix. There will be new teachers and you will be taking new and different subjects.

You may also be treated differently by your parents and teachers. You may have more privileges at home and at school.

All of these changes can create both excitement and anxiety. 8th Grade Three tips to stay ahead in 8th grade what you should know surviving so what? What's the big deal with 8th grade?

It's just one more year in school, right?

Does it really matter?
What you do in 8th grade DOES matter! High schools will be looking at your grades from Middle School in order to make their decisions.

This year, you will also be taking the High School Placement Test. How well you do on this test can affect what high schools offer you acceptances.

These grades count!
Does 8th grade really matter? More freedoms come with more responsibilities. Be ready to take them on! Do the work! Sometimes you may feel like forgetting about schoolwork, but it will hurt you in the long run. You are better off doing the work now. 1 3 Enjoy your last year at St. Leo's. Get to know some new friends, but work on maintaining your current friends. Enjoy your new privileges and new responsibilities. Have a great year!
2 If you need help, ask! Your classes may be more challenging so if you feel you're in over your head, ask for help! Questions? What do you need to do to get ready for your last year at St. Leo's? changes
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