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UI/UX, process and marketing examples

No description

Brett Jackson

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of UI/UX, process and marketing examples

The interface is filled with options and can be bewildering
Help links need to be more contextually displayed
Help needs to be presented in a more friendly format
Hierarchies of information and controls are not clear
Flows between items are not clearly defined
Nomenclature can be confusing
Top menu navigation is overwhelming and has reached logical limits of items in some cases
Top menu navigation should possibly filter and/or group items more clearly
General concerns

© Qais Consulting, 2008. Confidential. All rights reserved

March 17, 2009

The following is a high level scan of the static screens we have access to.
It serves to illustrate the types of issues Qais would analyse in depth in a full Site Audit to inform the rework of the SME S2B interface.

Qais has looked at the screens from the perspective of SME users that lack deep financial experience and who likely use some functions in S2B in an episodic fashion.

Site Audit – Introductory scan

Confusing label –
which criteria. Maybe new search would be more intuitive?

A need to relook at how action links are labeled. This will user help in second-guessing the action. A contextual help could also be used to address any user concerns

Unclear labeling

Overwhelming information and activities at one glance.
Consider some form of groupings and a “recently or most used” list to aid readability and usability

Lack of logical grouping

The menus in some areas are very overloaded with options that are very similar. Some grouping or filtering would simplify the options.

Overloaded menus

Consider rewording “Queries” to standard nomenclatures most users will understand – especially those without any existing knowledge of financial terms

Sections are not labeled with terms everyone or a normal customer can understand. Terminologies used are very technical – foreign – understood only by people who come from IT background.
E.g. “Queries” is common term used for programmers not end users

Login box is lost slightly, as it is given far less prominence on the page vs. the demo banner
Login page rather confusing for a first timer.
There no content hierarchy. A need to relook at balancing marketing content vs crucial task – login into Straight2Bank

Overpopulated login page

Awards/compliance statements provide user confidence & assurance
Which button will process data entered on the form?

The same graphical treatment of buttons that perform different function. Consider different visual treatments for different activities

Minimal Visual hierarchy

Breadcrumb inconsistencies. Some with main category (e.g. Cash Management) and some without

Page title changes without consistent rule

Inconsistent page titling
There’s nothing on the current site (application) to indicate current user’s position. Inconsistent provision of breadcrumb navigation

No clear sign posting


+1 702 353 2105

UI/UX, Process,
Product Mgt, Marketing

Brett Jackson
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