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Spy camp project

By Mark and Dane

Mark FitzHarris

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Spy camp project

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Summary Setting Theme The setting of the book takes place in the current day, out in northern Virginia where the spy camp is located. The setting also takes place in Washington D.C. HELLO I can connect to the main character because of my age and even though he is in an actual spy school, I have always wanted to become a spy and to have been taught at a spy school when I was younger. I used to play with spy gear and go on co-op operations to raid the pantry with my friend. We also thought of ourselves as spies with different talents like the characters in the book. I can also connect the character Alexander Hale to my friend's younger brother who hogged all the fame that he did not achieve. Recommendation I would recommend this book to anyone who
has an interest in spy operations and to anyone who likes the genre of action, thriller. I liked the authors way of writing because he included another spy group instead of just one. He made it so that the characters could blame the others for their misfortune or turn on each other at any time. I also liked the way that the author had the main protagonist have a power that even he does not know he has, but the evil incorporation, SPYDER, does. We really enjoyed this book and we hope you do to. Connections Ben Genre The genre of the book is
action, thriller. SPYDER ANALYSIS SPYDER is an enemy organization working against the CIA. They have been in hiding for a long time and are only known by Ben, Erica, Alexander, and a few CIA operatives. They attempted to launch a missile at the world organization, but after jumping through many dangerous hoops Ben and Alexander, with the help of some of Ben's cabin mates, were able to compromise their objective. While almost being assassinated, kidnapped and even a very near situation
of being blown-up, thirteen year old Ben Ripley is looking forward to a summer of relaxation with his friend Mike. His plans are interrupted when the principal calls for him. The principal tells him that he is required to go to spy camp like everyone else. Then when he gets to his room he finds a note from an evil incorporation known as SPYDER saying, that SPYDER is coming for him. Ben goes to the best spy in the school, fifteen year old Erica Hale. She agrees to help and they set off for the camp. At camp Ben receives another note saying that if he does not turn himself over, they will kill him. The CIA then sends in Alexander Hale, a phony who takes all the credit for missions, making him a James Bond to other people. With no skill, Alexander is no help to Ben. They are then sent out in a bus along with Ben's friends and a disguised Alexander Hale as the bus driver, and the camp manager. SPYDER intercepts their plan by blowing up the road in front of them and they flip over. The SPYDER agents call for Ben and Alexander goes and takes Ben towards them. Then Erica saves the day by, but go tumbling off of a waterfall. They search for civilization and SPYDER even sends a "warning" missile at them. They come to a juvenile delinquent jail where the mole from school was supposed to be but wasn't. Ben and his friends were ambushed by SPYDER agents but escaped with the help of Cyrus Hale, Erica's grandfather. SPYDER then makes their deadliest move of capturing Cyrus and Erica while a missile is about to launch and destroy the world leaders. While going to the missile with Ben's friends going to Cyrus and Erica, Alexander wusses out and leaves Ben to take down the missile. Can he stop the missile before it's to late? Will he be able to defeat the SPYDER agents and then their boss, read the book to find out for yourself. Alexander Hale is a middle-aged man who has silver hair and is also, Erica's father. Alexander takes credit for things he doesn't do which makes him a James Bond to everyone except for Erica and Ben. He tells of false stories about top secret missions and some go like this, he is in Bangladesh, and he smells neurotoxins inside of his food, saving his life. His overall greed for fame is always his downfall, either by a bad retort from his father, Cyrus Hale, or an unfriendly remark by Erica.. Alexander Hale Spy Camp By:Stuart Gibbs Mark's
connection Recommendation ERICA I would reccommend this book to anyone who likes an action-packed book or movie. This book was super fun to read because the author wrote it in a style that made you want to keep reading. Erica is a 15 year old daughter to Secret Agent Alexander Hale,who recruited Ben. She is the best spy at Spy school and is older than Ben and always has her eye fixed on a textbook. She is tall, blonde and according to Ben,
Gorgeous! Ben Ripley is an average 12 year old who is very good in math and cryptography. His best friend is Mike Brezenski, who he was hoping to spend the summer with until he got a note from the principal which stated he had to go to Spy Camp. He has brown hair and is not very tall. He was recruited by the CIA for Spy School and Spy Camp. Although he is smart, shooting guns and fighting are not his strengths. He also has a special talent that only SPYDER knows about and they plan to take advantage of it. The theme of this book is in order to catch a spy you have to think like a spy. This is the major theme because in order to catch the evil incorporation SPYDER, the main characters had to think and act like a spy. The End
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