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Over The Wall - an introduction

No description

Zoe Grant

on 24 November 2017

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Transcript of Over The Wall - an introduction

Life-changing camps for children,
young people and their families who are affected by serious health challenges.

Over The Wall
Who are Over The Wall and
What do we do?
Where is this magical environment and how does the magic happen?
* Serving the UK

* An Intentional Programme

*Therapeutic Recreation

*Challenging labels

Everything we do at Camp is
This means that everything from the activities on offer, the teams created, the language used and the songs sung have been purposefully chosen to create an environment that encourages Campers to grow in confidence and recognise their accomplishments.
Throughout the day and at all activities, we encourage
Campers to challenge themselves.
The Camper's success at these challenges is highlighted and specifically
Campers are encouraged to spend allocated time reflecting on their successes so their achievements, and how far these might stretch, can really sink in.
Then...later that day, two weeks down the line or even in a years time, Campers realise the full impact of their achievements at Camp. This can be hugely significant and is called a Discovery Moment.
And of course everything we do at Camp is based around good, old-fashioned fun!
Therapeutic Recreation
at the core of everything we do at Camp. It is
about presenting things intentionally in a way that allows
Campers to recognise
the best in themselves
and track their own
Everyone picks up 'labels' in life from what others tell them or what they think of themselves. It is too easy for one of our Campers to believe their identity is based on being 'the ill child' or "that person with the sick sibling". At Camp we remind them of all the amazing things they can do and that they are not defined by the illness that has affected their life. We do this using
"Specific Positive Labels".

"Hey Ben, you are very kind, you always let others go in front of you in the queue. What a good friend!"

Labels can last a lifetime...let's make them worth keeping!
But who makes all this
magic happen?...
Over The Wall depends on passionate and dedicated volunteers, with around 60-75 attending each week long Camp!

This commitment is hugely appreciated by Over The Wall and Volunteers can expect to feel supported throughout their time with us, from emails and full training before Camp, to support and guidance during Camp, with the occasional cup of tea thrown in for good measure!
Volunteers at Over The Wall come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. This is because different people suit different roles.
Volunteer Roles At Camp:
Team Mate
Activity Leader
Team Leader
Camp Recorder
Designated Safeguarding Officer

Volunteers are then grouped into "Teams" with around 6 - 8 Campers of similar ages.
Your Team becomes your family for the week.You support each other, eat together, laugh together and grow together.
How do Teams spend a "Typical Day"?
A Typical Day at Over The Wall!
(as though there is such a thing!)
Wakey wakey!
Give Campers a wake up call and help to get ready in time for 8.30am songs before brekkie!
After breakfast it's time for the fun to begin with 2 activities. These could be anything from climbing, to fishing or arts and crafts to drama!
Then it's back to the Dining Hall for a well earned lunch before an hour of important relaxation time called "Rest Hour".

N.B This hour is a rest for the Campers, however it is important that you also get an hour off each day - you will arrange this with your team.
Once everyone is rested up, coats are grabbed, water bottles filled and it's off for another 2 activities. Will it be canoeing, or archery; music or maybe team building games??
A fun filled afternoon could only be followed by a slap up meal, a quick change of clothes or trip to the Beach Hut (medical area) and off to the Evening Programme. This might be boogying at the disco, or shining like a star at talent night...but whatever it is, its always fun!
Sleepy heads leave the Evening Programme at 8.30 - 9pm and head back to rooms to get washed up and ready for the wonderful Cabin Chat (a magical part of Camp with sharing and hot chocolate), before Campers head to bed and Teams have a meeting.
ahhh... and then we do it all again tomorrow!
Over The Wall serve children, young people and families affected by health challenges across the UK
Although the office and warehouse is in Hampshire, we pack up all the Over The Wall magic into a big lorry and take it with us to camps right accross the UK!

This traveling means we can reach Campers as close to their homes as possible.
Tying up a few loose ends...Some things you should know...
As part of our Safeguarding policy, you will never be alone with a Camper- Over The Wall have a 2 adult policy that means you must always be in eyeshot of another adult when with a Camper or a group of Campers.
Volunteers arrive before campers so that you can be provided with full training in preparation for camp starting. This occurs on the site of the Camp and is a fun time of learning and getting to know your team so you are fully prepared when your Campers show up!

Camp is jam-packed with fun and activities, which can be physically exhausting. It is important that you arrive to Camp at your physical and emotional best so you can give your all to the Campers and also get the most out of your own experience.
If you feel at all unwell in the weeks before Camp please inform Zoe (zoe@otw.org.uk). Due to the high risk of infection, this includes letting us know if you have/ had a cold sore, and symptoms of illness (the sniffles, sore throat, cough, temperature phlegm etc).
Physical Fitness
2 Adult Policy
Campers really look up to Volunteers, and it is a massive privilege to be so highly regarded. With this priviledge comes the responsibility of being a good role model to our campers. This involves the appropriateness of the clothes you wear, the language you use, how you treat others and your general attitude. It is important to remember this during all times at Camp, never underestimate the impact your actions can have. A little bit of positivity or negativity goes a long way!
Role Modeling
The Results?
See for Yourself...
"I never laughed so hard in my life, I laughed until no noise came out" - camper
In the late 1980s Paul Newman had a radical idea - to let kids be kids. These kids however were affected by a serious health challenge and spent much of their time in hospitals and doctor's offices. He decided the best thing for these kids was to get the chance to "raise a little hell". He created the camp "Hole in the Wall" in Connecticut to let them do just that. Turns out, it was a fool proof theory!
Since then these magical camps have spread across the globe into Africa, Europe and in many States of America. These camps all have the same mission; to create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge.
Together they are called the "SeriousFun Children's Network".
Over The Wall is the SeriousFun Camp in the UK, helping hundreds of children, young people and families affected by a health challenge to build self-esteem, confidence, and challenge their own perceived limitations.
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