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Business Plan

B-Town business plan

Daniel Tovar

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Plan

B-Town Sportwears Business Plan B-Town Sportswear B-Town Sportswear is a business of selling Longhorn apparel to the community of Battle Mountain . Product development includes shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, pajama pants, aprons, and backpacks. Product Development Anybody interested in the apparel. Our competition is the Booster Club and Midway Market Market Research Sample of Design Products How this Site can benefit BMHS Teams- they might get new equipment, or jerseys
Schools- provides the teachers with there BMHS apparel
Students- Its going to give them school spirit and school apparel
Clubs- will be benefited with there own supplies
Community- the community will have high quality apparel to support our school and school sports Sample Stores How BMHS receives 15% of profits BMHS Funds- 15%
Clubs- 15%
Teams- 15%
Logosportswear.com Management of Website
Product development New designs every week.
Designs with new trends so they are very appealing to the consumer
Designs for differents sports The End. The End. http://vikingshop.logosoftwear.com/ http://tcwestboosters.logosoftwear.com/ http://bergbulldogs.logosoftwear.com/ For every sale we make, we get 15% of that profit *If a specific group of BMHS buys products for the group, the group will receive the 15% profit.
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