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Abdul Ghani Mohd Hafiz

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

introduction &
- two or more companies are being combined to be one entity.
types of merger
strategic merger
cost synergies
synergy drive - sime darby group berhad
created world’s largest palm oil plantation company with total combined land bank of 602,000ha and planted acreage of 522,200ha (including 8,380ha of rubber land)
positive synergies were tapped in areas of shared resources, optimizing cost by reducing 'leakages' and enhancing operational and financial control of all operating units
given the significant overlap of operations in the plantation division, cost synergies are most likely to be reaped in the plantation division rather than the other divisions.

swot analysis
conclusion & recommendation
Concentration on core business
Actively improving corporate governance
sime darby group berhad
sime darby & co
kumpulan guthrie berhad
golden hope
was initiated by CIMB Group’s private equity arm via Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company.
effort includes 6 of its listed subsidiaries - Sime Darby Berhad, Sime UEP Properties Berhad, Sime Engineering Services Berhad, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad, Mentakab Rubber Co. Berhad, Golden Hope Plantations Berhad, Guthrie Ropel Berhad and Highlands and Lowlands Berhad

sime darby
is Malaysia's leading multinational and one of Southeast Asia's largest conglomerates.

founded in 1910, the Group has grown from a single company offering a single product and service in one country into a strong and dynamic international Group with a comprehensive range of business activities

in addition to its original plantations core business activity, Sime Darby also involves in:

heavy equipment
energy & utilities
general trading
guthrie berhad
Guthrie is a leading producer of palm oil. The Group plantation operations span Southeast Asia, from Kedah to Sabah in Malaysia, and from Sumatera to Sulawesi in Indonesia.

the Group plantation operations consist of two divisions, Plantation Malaysia and Plantation Indonesia, which manage operations in the respective countries.

other than plantations, the Group has also established itself as a distinguished property developer, other businesses include manufacturing of medium density fibreboard, production and sale of planting materials, agricultural consultancy, resort development, ICT services and rubber processing and trading.
golden hope
Golden Hope is the first Malaysian public-listed plantations company with downstream refineries and activities in oils & fats industry in Europe and South Africa

Golden Hope has now transcended boundaries and transformed into a global integrated oil palm company with the downstream refineries and activities in the oil & fats industry currently operates in numerous countries around the globe, namely

Bangladesh, China, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, South Africa and Vietnam.
it seek to achieve various economic of scale
is a business consolidation that occurs between firms who operate in the same space, often as competitors offering the same good or service. Horizontal mergers are common in industries with fewer firms, as competition tends to be higher and the synergies and potential gains in market share are much greater for merging firms in such an industry.
revenue synergies
best practises & management
financial analysis
Has a strong presence in over 20 countries especially in Asia Pacific employing over 100,000 people
Diversified product portfolio resulting in decreased risk of operation.
Strong financial performance
Balanced revenue stream
Uniformed growth rate from across all the geographical locations
One of the major business houses in all of Malaysia
Brought up more skilled, talented and experienced workers

Many businesses divisions – lower efficiency affected company’s revenue

Legal claims affecting the brand image of the company

Accused of lighting some of the fires on Indonesian plantations that caused widespread pollution issues in Malaysia and Singapore
15% unplanted plantation in Indonesia and there is so much room for its plantation business to grow
Strong outlook for the global oil crops consumption
Inorganic growth strategy
Robust outlook for the automotive sector
Use profits to invest in European assets that still offer growth and could help to develop Malaysian talent
Competitor aggressiveness and intense competition
International Currency fluctuations is a risk
Unfavorable government and political conditions can affect brand and operational efficiency
mohd hafiz abdul ghani
umi nadia mohamed
alinur ayuni ali
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